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F. S. Stringer has written:


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Q: What has the author F S Stringer written?
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What has the author Clifford F S Bebell written?

Clifford F. S. Bebell has written: 'The educational program' -- subject(s): Education, Aims and objectives

What has the author F S Sherman written?

F. S. Sherman has written: 'A low density wind tunnel study of shock wave structure and relaxation phenomena in gases'

What has the author S F Kaliski written?

S. F. Kaliski has written: 'Unemployment and unemployment insurance' -- subject(s): Seasonal unemployment, Unemployment Insurance 'Managed floats' -- subject(s): Foreign exchange rates

What has the author F X Rosin written?

F. X. Rosin has written: 'To govern is to love' -- subject(s): Monastic and religious life of women

What has the author F X Garneau written?

F. X. Garneau has written: 'History of Canada' 'History of Canada' -- subject(s): Histoire, History 'History of Canada' -- subject(s): Histoire, History

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Charles Dillard Stringer has written: 'No need' -- subject(s): Biography

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Harold Stringer has written: 'The Chinese railway system' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Railroads

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Gayle Stringer has written: 'Activity guide' -- subject(s): Youth, Crimes against, Rape

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Myra Stringer has written: 'Family history of John William and Susanna Adams' -- subject(s): Genealogy

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Col Stringer has written: 'The way it was' -- subject(s): History '800 Horsemen' 'Wildlife of tropical Australia' -- subject(s): Zoology

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Mabel E. Stringer was an author known for her poetry and fictional works. Some of her popular works include "Songs from the Wayside" and "A Kapellmeister's Daughter."

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Chris Stringer has written: 'In search of the Neanderthals' -- subject(s): Neanderthal race, Origin, Human beings, Neanderthals 'The evolution of modern humans'

What has the author F S Philbrick written?

F S. Philbrick has written: 'The Rise of the West'

What has the author F S Jewett written?

F. S. Jewett has written: 'Court of content'