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An equilateral triangle

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Q: What has three equal sides and all acute angles.?
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What is the difference between an isosceles and acute triangle?

They both have 3 sides but an isosceles triangle has two equal sides whereas an acute triangle with different acute angles has no equal sides and is said to be a scalene triangle, or an acute triangle with three equal acute angles (of 60° each) and three equal sides is called an equilateral triangle.

Which triangle has 3 acute angles and 2 equal sides?

An acute isosceles triangle has three acute angles (

What triangle has 3 acute angles and 3 equal sides?

Any triangle that has three equals sides must have three acute angles and is equilateral.

What is the classification by angles and sides of a triangle with three acute angles and three sides of equal length?

equiangular equilateral

What triangle has three equal sides and three acute angles?

An equilateral triangle.

What type of triangle has three acute angles and three sides that are equal in length?

It is an equilateral triangle

Does an acute angle have three equal sides?

An equilateral triangle which has three sides of equal length also has three equal angles. Each angle measures 60° and is therefore an acute angle as it is less than 90° .

What are all the three triangles called?

Equilateral: equal sides and angles(60 degrees) Isosceles: two equal sides and angles Scalene: no equal sides or angles right triangle: has a 90 degree angle in it obtuse triangle: has an obtuse angle in it acute triangle: is made up of all acute angles

What is a triangle with three acute sides called?

Sides aren't acute, angles are. A triangle with three acute angles would be called (appropriately enough) an acute triangle.

Does a acute triangle have 3 acute sides?

The word acute refers to angles, not sides. It does have all three angles are acute (less than 90°)

What kind of triangle has no equal sides or angles?

This is a SCALENE triangle. There several types of triangle; Equilateral ; The three sides are the same length and the three angles are ALL 60 degrees. All angles are ACUTE Isosceles ; Two sides are the same length , and two angles have the same degree value. . May be ACUTE or OBTUSE. Right angled ; The three sides may vary in length, but ONE angle is 90 degrees. Is ACUTE, and maybe ISOSCELES. Scalene ; All three sides are of different length, and all three angles have different degree value. May be ACUTE or OBTUSE. Fort ALL triangles , of whatever shape, the sum of the interior angles is ALWAYS 180 degrees.

How is it possible for Acute Equilateral and Isosceles classifications be in the same triangle?

An isoceles triangle has at least two sides equal; an equilateral has three sides equal so it is also isoceles; and since all angles are acute it is also an acute traingle