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Q: What has two sets of parallel sides2 matching acute and obtuse angles?
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What do squares have?

a square has...4 equal sides2 pairs of parallel sides4 right angles (90 degree angles)6 squares in the net of a cubea polygona quadrilateralto calculate the area you must perform length x width=area

What are at least ten relevant facts and features of a trapezoid?

1 It is a 2 dimensional shape with 4 sides2 It's described as a trapezium in England3 It belongs to the class of polygons known as quadrilaterals4 It has 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees5 It has 4 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees6 It has 2 diagonals7 It can have 2 right angles, an acute angle and an obtuse angle8 It has 1 pair of parallel sides of different lengths9 It only has 1 line of symmetry if it's an isosceles trapezoid10 It can tessellate11 It has an area which is 0.5*(sum of parallel sides)*height12 It has a perimeter which is the sum of its 4 sides13 It has 2 pairs of equal angles as an isosceles trapezoid14 It has 2 equal slanted sides when as an isosceles trapezoid15 It can be halved diagonally into 2 trianglesQED by David Gambell

Facts about triangles for age 10?

Here is 10 for 10, 10 facts about triangles for a 10-year old.1. They have 3 sides2. They have 3 angles3. All three sides can be different lengths and it is called a scalene triangle.4. All three angles can be different5. Two sides and two angles can be the same and it is called isosceles6. All three sides are the same and it is called equilateral. When this happens all 3 angels are the same too7. The sum of the angles inside a triangle is 180 degrees.8. Some triangles have 90 degree or right angles. These are called right triangles.9. If all the angles in a triangles are less than 90 degrees, say 60,60,60, it is called acute.10. If there is one angle greater than 90 degrees it is called an obtuse triangle.A Triangle has 3 sides and all sides are parallel to one another hope this helps =)

What are facts about hexagons?

It has six edges and vertices's.Each angle is 120 degreesAll angles add up to 720 degreesSix rotation symmetry's And six reflector symmetry's1. They have 6 sides2. The name origins from Latin3. IDKA Hexagon is a geometric shape that has 6 sides

How many sides does five non-overlapping squares have?

1 square . . . 4 sides2 squares . . . 8 sides..5 squares . . . 20 sides

What is the surface area of a cube with side 6 cm?

Surface Area of cube = 6 x sides2 = 6 x 62 =216 square centimeters

How do you solve x plus 4 equals 9?

1) minus 4 from both sides2) x=5the long explanation...x+4=9so, you subtract 4 from both sides of the equation...x+4 -4 = 9 -4And, that simplifies tox=5done! the answer is 5!

What shape has 5 faces 6 corners?

A pyramid whose top is a line (forming 2 corners) instead of a point (1 corner).The 5 faces are1 bottom2 triangles for opposite sides2 trapezoids for opposite sidesThe 6 corners are4 at the base2 at the topI do not know of a name specific to this kind of polyhedron.

What are two numerical ways in finding the total sum of diagonals in any polygon?

1. Number of diagonals = 0.5*(n2-3n) where n represents the number of sides2. If a polygon had 8 sides write out the numbers in descending order leaving out the first 2 numbers and the last number and adding them up gives the amount of diagonals:-6+5+4+3+2 = 20 diagonalsIf it had 9 sides then do the same:-7+6+5+4+3+2 = 27 diagonals

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