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Hipparchus was best known for many things. One of them, he invented trigonometry.

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Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

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Using two pieces of string stretched to the same tension Pythagoras discovered the ratio for creating the interval of a perfect octave was

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Q: What hipparchus was best known for?
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What was Hipparchus was best known for his?

Hipparchus was best known for star catalog..

Hipparchus was best known for his?

Probably the greatest of the early Greek astronomers was Hipparchus (second century b.c.), best known for his star catalog.

Did hipparchus go to school?

Not a lot is known about Hipparchus, including where and how he was educated, and of he went to school.

What is happarchus best known for?

Hipparchus is best known for his discovery of the precessional movement of the equinoxes. The alterations of the measured positions of the stars resulting from the movement of the points of intersection of the ecliptic and of the celestial equator.

What was Hipparchus known for?

he is known for working astronomer He was a mathematician, scientist, and he charted over 850 stars in space.

Who was Hipparchus's family?

The Hipparchus's family is a mysterious family.

What has the author Hipparchus written?

Hipparchus has written: 'The geographical fragments of Hipparchus' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography

What did Hipparchus discover?

Hipparchus is thought to be the first to calculate a heliocentric system

Who invented the grid system of latitude and longitude?

Hipparchus was the best astronomers of his time and was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician. He very accurately cataloged over 1,000 stars. Ptolemy was a great admirer of Hipparchus research and from what I've seen Ptolemy was often said to do what Hipparchus had done.

Where did Hipparchus die?

It's not known for certain but it is believed he died on the island of Rhodes in Greece. (Not Rhode Island)

Who was Hipparchus?

Hipparchus was a Greek astromer, geographer, mathematician, geometer (190-120 b.c.).

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