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The area cannot be given with only that information. More information is required for a complete answer.

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Q: What if the perimeter is 15 what is the area?
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What would be a greater perimeter but a smaller area to a question of 24 and a area of 27?

Perimeter = 24 and area = 27 . . . . . rectangle, 3 by 9 Perimeter = 32 and area = 15 . . . . . rectangle, 1 by 15

What is the area of a closed figure with a perimeter of 15 square units?

The perimeter is not going to have sq units. If the perimeter of a square is 15 units then the area would be 14.0625units squared.

What is the area of a regular heptagon with the apothem is 18.1 and the perimeter is 15?

If the perimeter is 15, he apothem cannot be 18.1

What shapes have a perimeter of 15 and an area of 16?


What is the area and perimeter of a base of 15 and a height of 12?

If it's a rectangle then:- Area = 15*12 = 180 square units Perimeter = 15+15+12+12 = 54 units of measurement

Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle with length of 150ft and width of 15ft?

Perimeter: 150+15+150+15 = 330 feet Area: 150*15 = 2250 square feet

Is it possible to have a shape with the perimeter 15 and area 13?


What is the perimeter of a rectangle if ti's area is 15ft?

The area cannot be 15 feet since that is a measure of length, not area. In any case, information about the area cannot determine the perimeter; it can only put a lower limit on it. The perimeter can be anyhting from 15.49193 ft upwards. Consider the following rectangles, all with area = 15 square feet: a sqrt(15)*sqrt(15) rectangle will have a perimeter of 4*sqrt(15) = 15.49193 ft (approx). 1ft*15ft rectangle will have a perimeter of 32 feet 0.1ft*150ft rectangle: perimeter = 300.2 feet 0.01ft*1500ft rectangle: perimeter = 3000.02 ft 0.001ft*15000ft rectangle: perimeter = 30000.002 ft by now you should see that there is no upper limit to the perimeter.

What is the primeter and area of a square that has a length of 15ft?

Perimeter = 15+15+15+15 = 60 feet Area = 15*15 = 225 square feet

What are the dimensions of a square with a perimeter of 36 and a area of 45?

A square can't have a perimeter of 36 and an area of 45. If a square's perimeter is 36,then its area is 81. If a square's area is 45, then its perimeter is about 26.83 . (rounded)A figure whose perimeter is 36 and whose area is 45 is not a square. It's a rectanglethat measures (3 by 15).

Could 15 yards represent a perimeter or an area?

A "yard" is a unit of length or distance. It's not a unit of area. So "15 yd" could represent a perimeter,but it could not represent an area.I should be perimeter. Because if it was area i think it would be square yards

What shape has a perimeter of 16 and area of 15?

A 5 by 3 rectangle

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