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Just proceed with making the fraction.

You can do it one of two ways.

Let's say you have 2.5

1) 2.5 = 5/2


2) 2 1/2

The first is just a fraction as a whole.

The second is mixed fractions. Just forget about the number in front of the decimal and make the fraction from the decimal

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Q: What if there is a number in the front of the decimal when your turning it into s fraction?
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How do you convert a mixed number to a decimal?

Divide the fraction then put the whole number at the front of the decimal.

If you have a fraction with a negative sign in front of the fraction how do you make it a decimal?

Exact same if there was no negative sign, the number is the number.

How do you convert a fraction with a denominator of 100 as a decimal?

just take the top number but put a decimal in front.. for example: 16/100 = .16

How do you make a negative fraction to a decimal?

You convert the fraction do decimal exactly as you would a positive fraction. Then you stick a minus sign in front.

How do find the percent and fraction of a decimal?

to find the percent of a decimal, you would move the decimal over to the right twice and that's the percent. To find the fraction of a decimal, you would remove the decimal, put the number on top of the fration, and you would put, at the bottom, of the decimal as many zeros at the bottom of the fraction and put a 1 in front. for example 22.6. You would take out the decimal. Put 3 zeros at the bottom of the decimal because their are three numbers in 226 and put a 1 in front of the zeros

How do you write a decimal number as a fraction?

just take the number after the decimal and put it over a denominator. you know how many zeros the bottom place needs depending on how far away the number is from the decimal. the number in front of the decimal becomes the mixed number.1 = 1/101.11 = 1 1/11.7777 = 7777/10000 see the numbers end 4 places away, so the bottom will have 4 zeros.

What does decimal place mean in math?

a decimal is another way to write a fraction or percent

How do you write 6.63 as a fraction?

Take the two digits after the decimal point, put them over 1 followed by two zeros and put the digit before the decimal point in front, reducing the fraction to simplest terms to create a mixed number: 6.63 = 663/100 Should you want it as an improper fraction, multiply the whole number by the denominator (lower number) of the fraction, add the numerator (upper number) of the fraction and put the result over the denominator of the fraction: 663/100 = 663/100

How do you write 2.75 as a mixed number?

Write the number in front of the decimal point as an integer; then convert the remaining decimal to a fraction: 2 75/100

How do you convert a decimal with a whole number into a fraction?

This is very simple. if you have a number such a 2.3 this would be written in fractional form as 2 3/10. the reason for this is because the 3 occupies the ten's decimal space, so we know it is 3 over 10 in fractional form. the number before the decimal is simply put in front of the fraction. 3.35 would be written as 3 35/100. this is because 35 occupies not just the tens but the hundreds space as well, so its out of 100. again the 3 jsut goes right before the fraction. depending on how many numbers come after the decimal will determine your denominator. also dont forget to reduce your fractions. the whole number will remaine the same and go in front of the fraction.

What percent is 44 out of 47?

To find the percent of a number, arrange the number as a fraction. Use the "formula" of is/of. This means, the number that has the 'is' in front is the numerator (the number on top). The number that has the 'of' in front is the denominator (the number on bottom). is/of 44/47= 0.93617 To find the percentage, simply multiply the decimal by 100 0.93617 (100) = 93.617%

How you write a whole number and a fraction in word form?

its called a mixed fraction the first number which is the whole goes in the front then the fraction is behind it.