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The centres and the point of contact are all in a straight line, if the circle is inside or outside.

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Q: What if two circles touch each other the one circle is inside the other?
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Can a tangent circle be concentric?

No; tangent circles touch each other at one point but concentric circles cannot not touch.

Does a tangent circle pass through the center of the circle?

If the tangent circles are outside of one another, then neither passes through the center of the other. If one circle is within the other, then the inner tangent circle might contain the center point of the larger circle. There will be infinitely many inner tangent circles that do not.

How do you make transverse common tangent to two circles?

You join the centres of the two circles. Divide this line in the ratio of the two radii. Draw the tangent from this point to either circle and extend it to touch the other circle.

How do you put 7 small circles in 3 big ones so that each big circle as 4 small circles?

Draw three circles that touch in a shape of a circle. Draw two small circles in each big one and another in the intersection. It is supposed to be a Venn Diagram.

The diameter of a circle is always twice the length of the radius?

True !! it is also a straight line from one side of the circle, through the middle point to the other side of the circle. Any other straight line inside a circle, that does NOT touch the centre is a chord.

Can many circles be inscribed in a given triangle?

Only one circle will touch all three sides.

What solid can you make with a rectangle and two circles?

A cylinder. The rectangle is wrapped around and it's edges touch the circumference of the circle.

How many tangents can be drawn to a circle containing a point inside the circle?

None can. A tangent is a line that touches a circle at only one point. If it wentthrough a point inside the circle, then it would have to touch the circle at twopoints ... one on the way in and another one on the way out.

How do you defeat go rock squads Steelix?

what I did was when the steelix spins in a circle, you quickly draw your circles around it, but be careful not to touch it!! plusle and minun can not shock it, sadly.

If i have a lrg circle wit a square inside the corners of the square touch the inside of the circle then anothr circle inside of tht square tht I'm tolds A is Pi hw do i wrk out the A of the lrg squar?

You could start by spelling out the words properly so that we can read your question rather than having to decipher it.

What are tangent circles?

Tangent circles are circles that touch one another without crossing. The distance between the centres of the circles must be equal to the difference or the sum of their radii.

Do tangent circles have the same center?

No, tangent circles do not have the same center. They just touch at the side. Here is an example: