What if we couldn't read?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What if we couldn't read?
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What is the history of island of curacao?

well its that they couldnt read or talk

How did literacy pervent freed slaves from voting?

They couldnt read properly

Was prince estabrook educated?

no he wasnt he couldnt read nor could he write ! :)

What was the cypher machine used for in world war 2?

To send messages so that the enemy couldnt read them

How did Luther use Hymns to spread his ideas?

They appealed to people that were illiterate. The people that couldnt read his writings used them........

If somebody was just curious and touched a electric fence that wouldn't be suicide it?

no it would just be stupid unless you couldnt read

Which of the following kept freed slaves from voting in the southa. Poll taxB.CarpetbaggersC.ScalawagsD. Literacy test?

Literacy Test cuz they couldnt read

Why were slave forbidden to learn how to read or write in the revolutionary war?

they werent forbidden they just simply couldnt.

Why did John Hancock sign the way he did?

becaus the king of engalnd couldnt read well without his galsses so he wanted to make sure that he could see his signature

How did Bella Thorne find out she was Dyslexic?

they found in when she was in 2nd grade becuz she couldnt read very good some of the words would seem back words together

Could a seed grow in sugar?

no it couldnt

Can dogs get sick from toilet water?

who couldnt