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If every question is worth the same credit, then 26 correct out of 40 is

a score of 65 percent.

The letter-grade is whatever the teacher decides 65% on that test is. I'm afraid

there aren't many situations where 65% gets a passing grade.

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Q: What if you miss 14 out of 40 questions what would your grade be?
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If you miss 14 questions on a 90 question test what would your grade be?


What grade would it be if there was 18 questions and you got 14 right?

77.7 %

If there are 25 questions and you miss 11 What is your letter grade?

Assuming you got every other questions right, 14 out of 25 is just over half (actually 56%). In many systems, this would be enough for a C-grade of some kind; in others, it may not be a passing grade, and therefore a D, E or F.

What is your Grade for 14 out of 15 questions?

an A+

What percentage would you get if you missed 5 questions out of 14 questions?

If you missed five, your total right would be 9/14. To find your percentage, divide 9 by 14 to get .642... Then multiply this by 100 to get your grade, which is a 64%.

What grade would one get on a test of 18 questions with 4 wrong?

You would get a 77%. You do 14 (the amount you got right) divided by the total amount of questions (18). So 14/18 which equals 0.77777777...

25 questions you get 14 out of 25 what is your score?

If you got 14 out 25 questions right you should get a 40. This is a low grade.

What grade is 14 correct out of 24 questions?

58.3% or F

There's 70 questions on a test and you miss 14 what is the score?

80% Missing 14 questions out of 70 means that you got 56 correct. 56 out of 70 questions is 80%.

How do you solve Sarah answered 86 percent of her test questions correctly. If the test had 100 questions how many did she miss?

-- Since she answered 86 percent of the questions correctly, she answered the remaining 14 percent of them incorrectly. -- 14% of 100 questions is 14 questions.

If there is 16 questions on a quiz and you miss 2 what will be your percent?

Providing that all 14 remaining questions were correct then the percentage is 87.5%

What grade would you get if you answer 5 out of 14 questions?

36%, assuming that your five answers were all correct. Unless the instructor is grading on a curve, it would probably be an F or fail.

How many days of 5th grade do you have to miss to fail?

14 days you only have because that happen to me

What grade would you be in if you were 14?

9th grade

22 questions and you missed 8 what is your grade?

If the assignment contained 22 questions and you missed 8 of them, it means you correctly answered 14. 14/22 = 64%. This would be a D-F depending your grading system.

What is a good 7th grade avid questions?

for Math "If you have 7 cups of concentrate and 14 cups of water how would you turn that into one cup of juice?"

What would be your grade if you got 8 questions correct out of 15 question?

53% or F

What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of a 20 question 5 grade math quiz?

* You would get a 70%, because 20-6=14 and 14/20=.7 *100=70 percent Kaner

How many questions can you miss out 55 to get a 75 percent?

Between 13 and 14. Be on the safe side.

What grade is 14 questions right out of 44?

On any reasonable grading scale, it's an F.

How many questions can you miss on a 200 question test to make a 80 percent?

You can miss 40. 80% of 200 = 160 questions right; 40 wrong

If your 13 in England schools what grade would you be in?

if you are 12-13 you will be in seventh grade and if you are 13-14 you will be eighth grade

What grade would be 14 out of 20?

70% or C-

What grade would a 14 year old be in?

Without repeating a grade, I would say about 7th or 8th or 9th, depending on what year and month the 14 year old was born in.

What grade would you be in if you are 14?

You would be in either 8th grade, or your freshman year of high school (9th grade), depending on when your birthday is.

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