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well, at the end of a year you would have $1,200.

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Q: What if you saved 100 dollars a month?
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If you saved 100 every week for 21 years how much would you have?

if u saved 100 dollars for 21 year u would have 109,200

How many cents would you have saved if you saved 100 dollars?

---- 1000 is only 10 bucks 10000 is a hundred bucks

How much does a nurse earn in Ghana?

100 dollars a month

How much is oil heating per month?

It really depends but it can get up to 100 dollars a month.

Nancy has saved 1500 cents from selling lemonade How many dollars does Nancy have?

Nancy has 15 dollars. 1500 cents divided by 100 (100 cents are in a dollar) = 15.

How much will a OBGYN make per month?

make about 100 dollars by the hour

How much interest do you get from a bank each month if you have 150000 dollars in it at 9 percent interest?

9% of 150000 dollars = 150000*9/100 = 13500 dollars 13500 dollars per year = 13500/12 = 1125 dollars per month.

Norland saved 10000 in five months each month he saved 100 more than the month before how much money did Norland save in the first month?

Letting x stand for the amount Norland saved the first month, * x + (x+100) + (x+200) + (x+300) + (x+400) = 10,000 * 5x + (100+200+300+400) = 10,000 * 5x + 1,000 = 10,000 * 5x= 10,000 - 1,000 * 5x = 9,000 * x = 9,000/5 * x = 1,800

What is the average heating bill for a one bedroom apartment in Wisconsin?

The average heating bill for gas heat is around 70-100 dollars a month. If you are using electric heat, it would be around 100-125 dollars a month.

You save 100 dollars a month how many months will it take you to save money?

Your question does not make any sense.If you save $100 per month, it will take 1 month to save $100.If you save $100 per month for 600 years, you will save $720,000 + accrued interest.Rephrase your question.

How does an eleven year old get 100 dollars in one month?

brush your mothers hair

How many weeks would it take to save 1 million dollars at 100 dollars per month?

it takes 55544000.3333 years