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diagonal lines can either increase or decrease height or width depending on their angle. If the diagonal line is closer to vertical it adds height and decreases width. If the diagonal line is closer to horizontal, it adds width and decreases height.

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Q: What illusion does diagonal lines make on clothes?
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Do diagonal lines make you look fat or skinny?

straight lines make you look skinny. horozontal lines make you look fat and diagonal lines make you look lopsided!!

Where do the diagonal lines on a square men?

Men are not square and they do not have diagonal lines on them. Please check that your questions make at least some sense before posting them!

What is the only letter with two diagonal straight lines?

The question does not make sense since here is not onlyoone such letter. A, K, M, W, X and Y all have two diagonal straight lines! If your question is "What is the letter with only 2 diagonal lines, then the answer is "V". This letter was omitted by Mr. Mehta.

How do you enter a diagonal line in a Microsoft Word table?

First create the table. Then select the cell or cells you want a diagonal line in. Choose the Borders and Shading option. In the borders there are various options for putting borders around the cells. There is also options for diagonal lines to go through the cells. If you click on one of those and click OK, you will get the diagonal lines you want.

How many diagonal lines can you make in a octagon?

There are 20 diagonals in an 8 sided octagon

What do diagonal lines effect have on clothes?

In my personal opinion, and from what I've observed, it has the same effect as vertical lines, it makes the wearer look thinner but it does not make the wearer look tall or long. But all in all, it usually depends on the posture of the person's body. Slouching on makes it worse, but having a straight and firm posture gives the right effect. I hope I've helped.

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What illusion does curved lines make on clothes?

Curved lined can either make you look fat or slim. Remember, the most important principal in selecting flattering clothing is "the eye follows the line". This means that a curved line, such as a princess seam can make your waistline or midsection appear to be smaller, while horizontal stripes, such as are found i many knit tops, will make you look wider and rounder.

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a what?

How do you add 5 lines to 6 parallel lines to make a total of 9?

Meaningless question. It sounds like a riddle rather than a maths problem. For an answer, assuming it is a riddle, I'd look at the letters that spell NINE. The six parallel lines are the vertical strokes of the letters; the extra five lines are the horizontal and diagonal strokes.

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What different shapes can you make out of a hexagon one of its diagonal?

you can make a hexagon