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it provided people a new hobby to enjoy and it made a big impact that was strong and it basically brought the world together.

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Q: What impact did basketball make in the world?
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Where in the world did Kobe Bryant make an impact?


How did basketball impact the world?

Basketball has brought the world together, similar to what many other sports have done. Anyone can get together, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity, and play a simple game of basketball.

What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?

he played basketball really well

What impact did basketball make for the English people?

Basketball is played in English schools, but it is still a small sport compared to Soccer. Not that many English people watch Basketball.

What impact did Lego make on the world?


How much money do basketball players in the world basketball association make?

Like 21 Million dollars.

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

If you throw a basketball 100 MPH at a wall will it come back 100 MPH?

No. Assuming the basketball can with stand the impact, the basketball will lose kinetic energy to the air around it and to the wall on impact.

How does Carrie Underwood make an impact on the world?

with her voice

What impact did Lena horne make on the world?

she pooped

Who was the first girl to play basketball?

Nancy Liebreman was the first women to play basketball and make it into the World Series!!!!!!!

What is the environmental impact of a basketball?

there isn't one

Does other cultures impact basketball?


What impact did Cleopatra make on kther peoples lives?

Cleopatra had a great impact on the world of her time.

How did Microsoft make a impact on the world?

It gave the world a new computer type.

What did STEPHEN curry do to make the world a better place?

He played basketball

What impact did Christopher Columbus have on Canada?

Christopher Columbus did not have an impact on Canada, BUT he did make an impact to america by opening the way to the new world .

What impact did Claude Monet have on the world?

The impact that Monet left on the world was contributing to the Impressionism Period and helping make art move forward.

How did john Lennon make an impact on the world?

Through music

How did neil Armstrong make an impact?

He made a impact on the world by showing everyone that they can do what ever they what to do if they put their mind to it!

How does basketball impact society?

it brings race togethr

What impact does basketball have on people?

It depends on how hard you hit them with it.

What did Lebron James do to make the world a better place?

Lebron played basketball

What impact does basketball have on today's society?

Basketball has a large impact on our society. In the NBA, the teams bring out nationalism within their city. The infamous Celtics-Lakers rivalry always produces tension within the two cities. Basketball, when playing at a young age, allows kids to make more friends and learn about teamwork, a skill many are missing even as adults.

How did bill gates make an impact in the world?

alex love perla