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Q: What indicates that a voucher has accurate name address and computed dollar amount?
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What indicates that a voucher has and accurate name address and computed dollar amount?


Indicates that a voucher has an accurate name address and computed dollar amount?


What is Voucher used for?

A voucher is good for what ever Purpose's it indicates it's for ...

What are true statements about vouchers?

A voucher must be an accurate representation of a trip's itinerary, expenses, and daily allowances.

Is a voucher the notification accompanying the check issued to a creditor that indicates the specific invoice being paid?


What statements about vouchers are true?

A voucher must be an accurate representation of a trip's itinerary, expenses, and daily allowances.

what is a true statement about travel vouchers?

A voucher must be an accurate representation of a trips itinerary, expenses, and daily allowances.

Types of voucher?

classification of voucher supporting voucher accounting voucher internal voucher external voucher cash voucher non-cash voucher debit voucher credit voucher (cash payment) (cash receipts)

How do you create roundoff ledger in tally?

You can do this in order to keep the accounts accurate. You will need to create the invoice voucher and then set up the details that are needed.

What address do I use to mail form 941 without a voucher?,,id=111163,00.html

How can you change voucher no in tally?

go to in voucher entry and change voucher number in tally .

What is recharge voucher?

When you pay for credits, you will get a voucher. A voucher is a number that you type in to get the same amount of money as you did, but not pay, so DO NOT forget your voucher!

Give you some tally shortcut keys?

Receipt voucher - F6 Contra voucher - F4 Payment voucher - F5 Purchase voucher - F6 Journal voucher - F7 Sales voucher - F8

What is voucher system of accounting?

Voucher system is used for the payment of bills properly, is called voucher system.

What is the meaning of payment voucher?

payment voucher

What is the transfer voucher?

I don't know what is voucher

What is a Voucher number and a Voucher value?

A voucher number is the number on the back of a card that you get when u buy habbo coins a voucher value is how many coins u get in a card say you bought 10 dollars worth of Habbo coins the voucher value is 50 coins and when u buy a voucher u scratch the back off where it has the squiggly thing and that is ur voucher number

What is the difference between receipt voucher and payment voucher?

Receipt voucher would be for the other person paying it, to say you received it. Payment Voucher would be for your side, where you're the one paying. To show a debit..

What is the responsibilities of voucher certification?

so you can get 50percent voucher

What is difference between bill and voucher?

what is different between bill and voucher

If you have a close friend over the internet what can you do about their birthday?

Make them a card on Microsoft publisher and send it to them on an email as a link, get her address and send her a card or voucher. Send her an email.

What is the difference between purchase voucher and journal voucher?

if we purchase assets on credit then we will pass its entry in journal voucher n if we buy anything other then asset related to our business then we will go for purchase voucher..........

How can one define the word voucher?

The word voucher is also a bond that has a monetary value placed to it. The voucher can then be used for specific services and goods. A voucher may be used when traveling instead of carrying cash. It can then be deemed as a form of receipt showing that the person who used it was at that location where the voucher had to be used.

How does one apply for an education voucher?

How do I apply for schol voucher

What is a cash voucher?

A cash voucher is an evidence of the payment made