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Q: What individual developed a rational modeled of the state in his book the republic?
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When did the West African country of Liberia become an independent republic?

The Republic of Liberia was founded in 1847, modeled on the government and culture of the USA,

When did the fourth French republic begin?

After the liberation of France by the defeat of Germany, France began the Fourth French Republic in 1946. It's constitution was modeled on that of the Third Republic, provided a similar democratic but unstable government. The Fourth Republic ended in 1958.

The idea that Chinese society is modeled on a higher universal order was developed by?

That idea was from Master Kong. In the West he is known as Confucious

Was Puerto Rico a democracy?

No, it was once a Spanish Colony under a Royal Governor and became a US Territory which is modeled after a republic and not a democracy.

Independence and sovereignty of Nigeria?

Nigeria declared its independence from Great Britain in 1960. It is a republic with its governmental system modeled after that of the United States.

Who is mr pringle?

Mr. Pringle was designed by Louis R Dixon and modeled after a chemical engineer that developed a process to improve Pringles.

Why do all the terracotta warriors look different?

No. The current theory is that each figure (or at least the face) was modeled after an individual soldier in the army.

Who invented the kerosene stove?

The kerosene stove was invented by a factory mechanic in Stockholm, Sweden by the name of Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist. When it was developed, it was originally called a Primus Stove, and was modeled after the blowtorch. He developed the stove in 1892.

What are the shapes on the flag of the Republic of Guinea?

There aren't any actual shapes on the flag of the Republic of Guinea. The flag consists of three vertical stripes: Red, Yellow, and Green.The three-color pattern appears to be modeled after the flag of France.

What was we the people modeled after?

It was modeled after the Iroquois treaty.

What geometric figures are modeled by the stars?

Points are modeled by stars.

What is motor reproduction?

After a person has seen a new behavior by observing the model, the watching must be converted to doing. This process then demonstrates that the individual can perform the modeled activities.