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The outer circles show the difference between the two sides. The center where they join are the area they are the same. This is a great graphic way to show comparison of two things or ideas.

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Q: What information goes outer circles of a Venn diagram?
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What information goes in the outer circles of a Venn diagram-?

The number of elements in the primary [proper] subsets of the universal set.

Is a diagram two circles put together?

A diagram is any graphic that represents information. A Venn Diagram is a diagram with circles overlapping.

How do you use a venn diagram?

You place information in two overlapping circles.

What are the subsets of the universal set are represented in a Venn diagram by what shape a circle an oval or a rectangle?

The universal set is the outer rectangle and all subsets are circles or ovals. In terms of the Venn diagram, there is no difference between circles and ovals.

How do you solve venn diagram?

A Venn Diagram consists of two overlapping circles. Each circle includes information about an item or topic. The overlapping portion includes information that the two have in common.

How many circles can a venn diagram have in it.?

you can have 2-3 circles, but for heavy information you can have 5 circles. I'm not sure if there can be more i would have to look into that.

What is the difference between a Venn diagram with 2 circles and one with 3 circles?

A venn diagram with 2 circles is comparing and contrasting two things while a venn diagram with three circles is comparing and contrasting two things to the same one subject instead of with each other.

What is a venn diagram with three circles called?

my face

What is the other name for venn diagram?

Euler's circles

How do you draw a venn diagram?

2 overlapping circles

What are the numbers outside of a venn diagram?

They are the universal set: every number that doesn't fit in the circles in the venn diagram.

Is a diagram and a venndiagram the same thing?

a Venn diagram consists of two overlapping circles, and is generally used as a compare and contrast diagram. a diagram in general is just a way to show information. in short, they are not the same thing, a venn diagram is a type of diagram.

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