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Inside is to outside as interior is to exterior.

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Q: What inside is to outside as interior is to?
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Inside is to outside as interior is to?

Inside : Outside : : Interior : Exterior

How do you spell inside and outside?

That is the correct spelling for inside and outside. Inside a structure is the interior and the outside is the exterior.

What is exterior and interior?

-Interior is like the inside of something like the inside of the house is the interior etc. -Exterior is the outside of something like the outside of a house or a car etc.

What is interior space?

Interior is inside. Exterior is outside. If I comment on how "The interior space of the house is warm and inviting", I'm talking about how the inside of your house feels and looks.

What does interior and exterior mean?

Inside of, and outside of, respectively.

What does exterior and interior mean in maths?

The words are used in the context of closed shapes. These divide space in two: an inside and an outside. Exterior refers to things that are outside the shape and interior to those that are inside.

What is the analogy for inside is to outside as interior is to?


What is exterior clipping?

. Interior and exterior clipping interior clipping what is to be saved is inside the clip window exterior clipping what is to be saved is outside clip window Interior clipping

What is the opposite meaning of exterior?

Exterior means the outside and Interior refers to the inside.

What is the difference between interior or exterior tiles?

ones inside ones outside

What way does the interior surface of a cell membrane of a resting neuron differ from the external environment?

The interior is negatively charged and contains less sodium. There is more sodium and chlorine outside the cell than inside and more potassium inside the cell than outside.

Is Antarctica warmer on the inside or outside?

Antarctica's beaches are warmer than the interior of the continent.

Is the vertex of an angle in its exterior?

It is in the angle itself because in an angle there is the interior (part) the inside of the angle and the exterior (part) outside the angle and the angle itself so the vertex is in the angle it self it is neither exterior or interior

Can powder coating be used inside and outside?

In case By inside and outside you mean interior and exterior (in terms of weatherability ) then the answer is yes. For exterior use go for chemistry systems like Polyester or Floro compounds.For interior systems go fro epoxy or hybrid (epoxy polyester) system.If the meaning for inside and outside is something else, let me know with more details.

Using interior semi gloss paint outside?

It is not recommended to use interior paints outside, or exterior paints inside. Interior paints do not have the extra chemicals in them to make the finish weather resistant, and durable enough for exterior use. They tend to fade, chalk, and deteriorate relatively quickly.

What is inside when it is outside and what is outside when it is inside?

inside when its outside is outside because inside is outside answer = outsidesame with outside being inside answer = inside

What is the difference between interior and exterior finish options?

Interior means that you have more work to do inside hince the work interior and the exterior means outside work so it depends on what the weather is like where you live so it all depends

Car Detailing?

form_title=Car Detailing form_header=Car detailing keeps your car stylish and looking like new. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ What type of interior do you have?=_ Do you want the inside or outside detailed?= {(),Inside,Outside,Both}

What is an interior?

Interior is the inside of an object!

Why do they use argon gas to glass windows?

This is usually used to in double glazing windows. The exterior glass and the interior glass have argon gas between them. This prevents heat loss by the process of Radiation. The heat from inside cannot move outside as it is reflected back inside and the heat form outside cannot enter inside as it is reflected back outside.

How many degrees are there in an interior triangle?

Triangles are always 180º when the angles are added up. There is no inside angle verses and outside angle.

What is the average residential inside and outside wall width?

The average size for an interior wall is about 4.75 in. and exterior walls are about 8 in. thick.

The interior door handled will not open the door. whats the problem?

if the door opens from the outside but not the inside then check that the door does not have a child lock

What is the Definition an interior angle of a polygon?

A polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides. Since it is a closed surface, it has an interior (inside) and an exterior (outside). The interior angle of a polygon is the angle formed by two adjacent sides such that the angle is facing the interior of the polygon.

Difference between interior and exterior clipping?

Clipping is the process of removing the graphics parts either inside or outside the given region.Interior clipping removes the parts outside the given window and exterior clipping removes the parts inside the given window.BY: ER.MOJASSAM ALAM