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graduated cylinder
Graduated cylinder

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Any one of the range of flow metres will measure litres.

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Q: What instrument measures liter?
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What instrument measures how much space an object takes up?

Ruler or Graduated Cylinder Liter (L) OR Cubic centimeter (cm3)

What does a liter measures?

A liter measures volume, usually liquids. One liter equals about 33.8 fluid ounces.

What instrument is used to measures mass?

This instrument is a balance.

What instrument measures changes in the tilt of the earth?

A tiltmeter measures changes in the tilt of the earth. :)A tiltmeter is an instrument that measures changes in the tilt of the earth. :)

How many millimeters are there in one liter?

The two do not convert. A millimeter measures length, a liter measures volume.

What instrument measured heat?

A calorimeter measures heat. In contrast, a thermometer measures temperature.A thermometer bolometer - an instrument that measures heat radiation; extremely sensitive calorimeter - a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heatHeat is measured with a ThermometerThermometerThermometer or calorimeterThermometerthermometerHeat is measured with a thermometer.

What instrument measures molecular energy?

A thermometer measures molecular energy.

What instrument measures years?

a calender

What instrument measures a mouse?


What instrument measures clay?

An aeroplane

What instrument measures voice?


What instrument measures humanity?