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Q: What integer is greater than minus two?
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What is an integer that is greater than or equal to one but less then two?

One is an integer, it is equal to one and less than two.

When comparing two integers the integer with the greater absolute value is always the greater integer?

No.A positive integer is always larger than a negative integer. In the case of two negative integers, the integer with the larger absolute value is actually smaller.

Is minus two thirds an integer?

-2/3 is not an integer because it is not a whole number

Is 2.2 an integer?

Yes.But -22 (minus twenty two) IS an integer

How describe a composite number?

A positive integer with more than two factors.

What are composite nos?

A composite number is an integer which is the product of two or more integers which greater than 1.

What is the deffinition of composite?

Mathematics (of an integer) being the product of two or more factors greater than one; not prime.

What proposes every even no. greater than 2 is the sum of 2 primaries?

Goldbach's conjecture: Every even integer n greater than two is the sum of two primes see below for the reference

When you subtract a negative integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original?

To subtract a negative number is equivalent to adding a positive number. Two negatives multiplied make a positive.

What does the math term composite mean?

(of an integer) being the product of two or more factors greater than one; not prime.

What is answer of 1 plus 1?

The answer, in any integer base greater than 2, is 2.

What is the even number greater than 12 but less than 15?

The only two integer numbers greater than 12 and less than 15 are 13 and 14. Of these, only 14 is even. Therefore, the answer is 14.