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Q: What involves assigning numbers or other symbols to answers so that the responses can be grouped into a limited number of categories?
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What are the answers for IS-547a Introduction to Continuity?

responses is 547.a Introduction to Continuity

How do you submit answers on this dang thing?

Hit the big orange button! It either says "Be the first to answer!" if there are zero responses or "Answer" if other users have already provided their own responses. Happy Answering!

What subtraction expression involves two positive integers and has a negative answer?

There are infinitely many possible answers. For example, (3) - (5) = -2.

How does an ordinal categorical variable works.?

An ordinal categorical variable is often used in questions for which the responses can be put into some kind of natural order but where the difference between categories is not the same. One example may be where the respondent is asked to class statements as "disagree strongly", "disagree", "neither disagree nor agree", "agree", and "agree strongly". There is a natural progression in the response but the difference between "disagree strongly" and "neither ... " [2 steps] may not be the same as that between "disagree" and "agree" [also 2 steps].The results of any analyses which attaches numerical value to the answers for processing is sensitive to the coding system used. The results with the answers coded as {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} will be quite different to those coded {1, 4, 10, 20, 25}.

How do you find Jeopardy answers to the questions?

Go to the Jeopardy category and search. Or, use the search function inthe top right corner tool bar. Or, type a question in the green question bar above. The record of Previous Jeopardy shows including contestants names , Categories, questions or clues given, and the answers are found at the Jeopardy Archive. A link to the site has been added under the related links.

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What are the answers from a survey called?

The answers from a survey are the responses provided by participants to the questions asked in the survey. These answers are collected and analyzed to draw conclusions or insights related to the topic being surveyed.

What are answers the dvm tests?

Answers to the DMV tests are responses to Questions on the DMV tests.

How many categories are there currently on the Answers website?

There are over 11,000 categories on

What is A response which involves little or no effort?

A response that involves little or no effort is often brief, lacking detail or thoughtfulness. It may come across as dismissive or perfunctory, showing little engagement or interest in the conversation. Examples include one-word answers, emojis, or generic responses that do not contribute to the discussion.

Mysophobia what to do with this How to take this mysophobia?

i was looking for responses not to respond i was looking for answers

What are the answers for IS-547a Introduction to Continuity?

responses is 547.a Introduction to Continuity

In a positive relationship what does the y and x coordinates do?

why dont you try Yahoo answers i havent seen a lot of responses here why dont you try Yahoo answers i havent seen a lot of responses here

Why does WikiAnswers allow thoughtful and correct answers to be replaced with snarky and incorrect responses?

WikiAnswers does not allow thoughtful, correct answers to be replaced with snarky, incorrect responses. It is completely against WikiAnswers' rules to do so.

John says rose when asked for the name of a flower and chair when asked for a type of furniture His answers could be characterized as?

inconsistent. John provided different types of responses for similar categories of items, indicating a lack of pattern or logic in his choices.

Can you delete categories from this website?

Categories can be deleted, but only by Answers employees not by it's regular users or Supervisors.

What is another way of saying to get answers?

To receive responses or to obtain information.

What is the answers for you be the editor skills sheet?

The correct responses to the questions on the editor skills sheet.