What is 'decision' in Latin?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Arbitrium is one Latin equivalent of 'decision'. Decretum is another equivalent. Either way, both Latin nouns are in the singular form of the nominative case, as the subject of the sentence.

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Q: What is 'decision' in Latin?
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What is the root word for decision?

The root word for decision is "decidere," which comes from the Latin word "decidere" meaning "to cut off."

What is the root word in judicious?

The root word in "judicious" is "judice," which comes from the Latin word "judicium," meaning judgment or decision.

What does the word decision mean in Latin?

Decision comes from the Latin decisio -- A cutting off. the verb is decidere -- to cut off; de - off, caedere - to cut. Thus we have words like scissors, incision, caesarean section operation. quite literally, a decision cuts off all rival points of vew, and by implication it is a painful, bloody action.

What is the Latin translation of the die is cast?

The Latin translation of "the die is cast" is "alea iacta est." This phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar and means that a decision has been made or an irreversible step has been taken.

What is meant by decision making?

The English Word'Decision' originated from the latin word 'decision' which means 'to cut from'. To decide means 'to come to conclution" or "to pass a resolution" Decision making means to selet a cours of action from two or more alternative. It is done to achieve a specific objective or to solve a specific problem.

What is the term used for legal precedents?

"Legal Precedent" is one term; another term is "stare decisis," Latin for "let the decision stand."

What effect did Dante's decision to write his poem in Italian have?

Writing his poem in Italian instead of Latin allowed Dante to reach a wider audience and helped in the development of the Italian vernacular as a literary language. This decision also served to democratize literature by making it more accessible to the general populace, rather than just the elite who could read Latin.

What is the origin for cision like in decision?

The word "cision" in "decision" comes from the Latin word "cisionem," which means "a cutting off." "Decision" originally referred to the act of cutting off or making a choice from a list of options. Over time, it has come to mean making up one's mind or reaching a conclusion.

What is a legal model on which judges base later decisions?

A precedent is an earlier decision used as a guide or model in future decision-making. Courts often use precedents set in earlier cases to render a judgment, under the doctrine of stare decisis (Latin: Let the decision stand), a common law principle.

What does laudo mean?

"Laudo" is a Latin word meaning "I praise" or "I commend." In legal contexts, it can also refer to a decision or decree made by an arbitrator or arbiter.

How did the language of The Divine Comedy differ from other philosophical works of the Middle Ages What effect did Dante's decision to write his poem in Italian have?

It was in Italian unlike the others which were in Latin.

What is the legal term used to not overturn precedent?

The doctrine of stare decisis (Latin: Let the decision stand) encourages courts to adhere to established precedents when deciding cases.