What is (w plus 3)4?

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there are SEVERAL good things i own one (the love of my life :D)

1) Great 3d graphics

2)listen to music

3)cool games

4)free internet as long as youre in wifi zone

5)Nintendo zone which gives you access to lots o cool things

6)send notes to ur friends w their friend codes

7)watch Netflix

8)pokedex in 3d

9)use AR cars which come in the 3ds box its really cool

10)better price than apple products

11)face raiders-play cool games w ur pic

12)record up to 10 min of video

13)take lots of cool pics in 3d and 2d with cool effects

14)use streetpass/spotpass

15)use mii maker

16)hulu plus (coming out later this year)

17)comes w 2gb sd card

18)Nintendo eshop where u can get good games you cant find in stores for extremely low prices ( $1.99-$8.99)

19)nintendo show 3d where jessie cantrell talks bout new 3ds games

20)use facebook twitter (in mobile mode)

21) TEXT FOR FREE (use Google voice in mobile mode

What is not so good though is that you cannot use YouTube

lots of others but my fingers hurt so yea.

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Q: What is (w plus 3)4?
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