What is -2 sqaured?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is -2 sqaured?
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What is 2 sqaured?

2 x 2 = 4

Which 2 sqaured numbers equal 65?

1 and 64

Is 9 three sqaured?

Yes, it is 9=3^2 but also equals -3^2

What are the steps for area of a circle?

pi multipied by the radius sqaured all divided by 2 pi*r^2 ------ 2

How many centimeters sqaured are in millimeters sqaured?

100000 because gestures are made lavenge desture by Frankenstein

What is 196 sqaured?


What is -3 sqaured?


What is 12 sqaured?


What is 14 sqaured?


What is another name for a number to the second power?

Sqaured. For example, 2 to the second power (2^2) coulld also be read as 2 squared.

What is 2 pie r sqaured?

Pi r squared is the formula for the area of a circle. 2 pi r squared is twice that.

What is 70kg divided by 1.6 sqaured?