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What is the solution of -2a plus 3a plus 5b

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Q: What is -2a plus 3a plus 5b?
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3a plus 3b-2a plus 5b?

3a + (3b - 2a) + 5b =3a + 3b - 2a + 5b =(3a - 2a) + (3b + 5b) =a + 8b

What is 3a-5b plus 6b-2a plus 3b-7b?

add like terms: 3a -2a -5b + 6b +3b - 7b = a -3b

Can someone Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

ok, let's see: (3a-2a) + (2b+5b) +(-c +3c) = a + 7b +2c I think that's right.

What is 3a plus 5b plus 7a?


What is 2a plus 5b?

2a+5b isn't possible the answer is still 2a+5b.

Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

a + 7b + 2c

What is 3a plus 5b minus 6a minus 9b?

3a + 5b - 6a - 9b = -3a - 4b

What does 3a plus 2a equal?

3a + 2a = 5a

What does 2a plus 5a plus 3a equal?

2a + 5a + 3a = 10a

A plus a plus a-2a equals?

a + a + a - 2a = 3a - 2a = a

2a plus 3b - 4a plus 5b?

8b -2a

What is the rational expression of the quotient 4a plus b and 2a - 5b?

The expression is: (4a+b)/(2a-5b)

What does a plus 2a plus an equal?

2a + a = 3a

What is 3a plus b-2a plus b?


How do you simplify 6a plus 2b-3a plus 5b?

Collect the terms in a, then the terms in b, getting 6a - 3a + 2b + 5b which simplifies to 3a + 7b. Gettit?

What is 2a plus 3a?

2a + 3a = 5a

Simplify fully 4a plus 5b minus 2a plus b?


What is answer to 27a-18b plus 9c?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 3a-2b+c

-a plus 3a-2a equals?


What is the answer to 2a plus a?


Simplify 2a plus 3a plus 4 equals?

2a + 3a + 4 = 5a + 4

Factor 2a squared plus 3a plus 1?


What is the correct answer when you factor 6a2 plus 3a?

3a(2a + 1)

6a - 5b equals 9 2a plus 5b equals 23?

(4, 3)

3a(a plus 4)-2a plus 7?

It can be simplified to: 3a^2 +10a+7 or factored as (3a+7)(a+1)

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What is 2a plus 5b?

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