What is -3x5?

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The answer is -15.

Here are the sign rules to multiplication. If you multiply two numbers with the same sign, the result will be positive. If you multiply two numbers with opposite signs, the result will be negative.

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Q: What is -3x5?
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15 x 2 = 30

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The greatest common multiple of any set of integers is infinite. If you are looking for LEAST Common Multiple... 30 = 2x3x5 = 2x(3x5) 45 = 3x3x5 = 3x(3x5) 75 = 3x5x5 = 5x(3x5) so the LCM is 2x3x5x3x5 = 450 If you are looking for Greatest Common Factor, that would be 3x5 = 15

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they are called multiplicands

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