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If -6d = 42 then 6d = -42. then divide by 6, d = -7

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Q: What is -6d equals 42 what does d equal?
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What is -6d equals -42?

-6d = -42-6(7) = -42d = 7

How do you solve c equals 6d for d?

6d = c Divide both sides by 6: d = c/d

72-6d equals 6 what is d?

72-6d=6 subtract 72 from both sides -6d=66 divide by -6 d=-11

What is d if the equation is 9d-19 equals 6d plus 2?

9d-19=6d+2 ... add 19 to both sides and subtract 6d from both sides... 9d-6d=2+19 3d=21 d=21/3 d=7

What is 6d plus 1 equals 15 -1d?

It is an equation and the value of d is 2

Does the expressions d-12 have a greater value when d equals 42 or when d equals 46?


What is 6d - 2 equal?


What is 50 equals 6d plus 8?

That is an algebraic equation. If you are asking what the solution is for the above equation, it would be:d = 7

What is 3d plus 7 equals 6d plus 5?

3d+7=6d+5 The first thing would be to subtract 3d from both sides. You will end up with 7=6d-3d+5. Then subtract 5 from both sides. Now you have 7-5=6d-3d. Now you have the numbers with like terms on either side of the equation. 7-5=2 and you can subtract 3d from 6d because both 6 & 3 have d as their variable. So 6d-3d=3d. Now the equation is 2=3d. Now you have to divide both sides by 3. (Since 3d is also expressed as 3 x d, we need to do the opposite of multiplication which is division, in order to get the variable d by itself) So now you have 2/3=d, or d is two thirds.

What does a d and a f equal to as a grade?

It equals out to an "E"

What does this mean 8 equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals equals D?

That 8 might equal D. Trashed. "Eight Equals D" is: 8=D Which is a penis smiley -.- ~ Skullcandy88

How do you solve this problem 5d-4 equals 4-d?

5d-4=4-d you have to bring the d to one side and the 4 to the other remember there is a 1 in front of the d so you'll get 6d-4=4 then you get 6d=8 then you divide and get d=4/3 or 1 and 1/3

What is 2 parethesis 3d plus 7 parenthesis equals 5 plus 6d?

2(3d+7)=5+5d. 6d+14=5+5d 6d+9=5d 9=-1d d=-9 I think that's correct. If it is, ur welcome.

If a plus b equals c and b plus c equals d and c plus d equals e and a equals 7 and e equals 5 what is a plus b plus c plus d plus e equal?

the answer is a

If a equals b and b equals c and c equals d and and d equals e then what does e equal?

They all equal each other. a = b = c = d = e e = a e = b e = c e = d e = e

What is d plus 3d plus 6d?

They can be simplified to 10d

Is 6(3 plus d) equivalent to 18 plus d?

No. It's 18 + 6d

If negative 8 subtracted by 8 times d equals 64 what does d equal?


Simplify 6c - 7d - 3c plus 6d?


What does z equal if a plus b equals c and c plus d equals g and a equals 1?

z remains undefined.

What is 42 minus 58 equal?

- 16 42 minus 58 is - 16 58 minus 42 is 16 :D

What is a trick that is spelled the same way equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D equals D?

equals D repeater

How do you factor 2d2 12d-16?

2(d^2 + 6d - 8)

What is half of 84?


What is the circumference if diameter is 42 mm?

The circumference is found by calculating D*pi which equals approx. 131.95.