What is -8p x q?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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It is -8*p*q or -8pq.

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Q: What is -8p x q?
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Negative eight times the sum of p and q?

We can not provide a specific value as an answer to this question as both p and q are variables and their value is unspecified.However we can write this as:-8(p + q).We can multiply out the bracket to get:-8p + -8q.This is as far as we can answer this question unless the values of p and q are known.-8(p + q) = -8p + -8q

How do you factorise 8p 10?

Please help, math problems. 8p - 10 of 5 + x = ...??

Q5 x q -2 x q?

q5 x q-2 x q

What would p be if -8p plus 3 equals -29?

-8p + 3 = -29 8p - 3 = 29 8p = 29 + 3 8p = 32 p = 32/8 p = 4

How do you solve th equation -8 equals -8p plus 4?

-8 = -8p + 4Add 8p to each side:8p - 8 = 4Add 8 to each side:8p = 12Divide each side by 8:p = 1.5

What is 8p less than 20p?

20p - 8p = 12p

Given the function p(x) and q(x) (p plus q) (x) p(x) at the x-intersept(s) of q(x)?


What is the prime factorization of 60p2q3?

2 x 2 x 3 x 5 x p x p x q x q x q = 60p2q3

8p plus 5 equals 11 plus 7p?

8p+5 = 11+7p= 8p-7p = 11-5p = 6

Why is there sometimes a remainder in division?

Because sometimes there will be things leftover and you can't split it all up in the question.

1750 2 x 5p x q where p and q are prime numbers Work out the value of p and the value of q?

1750 2 x 5p x q where p and q are prime numbers. 2 * 5^p * q where p = 3 and q = 7

What is the perpendicular bisector equation of a line segment with endpoints of p q and 7p 3q?

A line with slope m has a perpendicular with slope m' such that:mm' = -1→ m' = -1/mThe line segment with endpoints (p, q) and (7p, 3q) has slope:slope = change in y / change in x→ m = (3q - q)/(7p - p) = 2q/6p = q/3p→ m' = -1/m = -1/(q/3p) = -3p/qThe perpendicular bisector goes through the midpoint of the line segment which is at the mean average of the endpoints:midpoint = ((p + 7p)/2, (q + 3q)/2) = (8p/2, 4q/2) = (4p, 2q)A line through a point (X, Y) with slope M has equation:y - Y = M(x - x)→ perpendicular bisector of line segment (p, q) to (7p, 3q) has equation:y - 2q = -3p/q(x - 4p)→ y = -3px/q + 12p² + 2q→ qy = 12p²q + 2q² - 3pxAnother Answer: qy =-3px +12p^2 +2q^2