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In engineering notation, 0.00001 is written as 10^-5.

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It is 10-5.

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Q: What is 0.00001 in engineering notation?
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How do you write 000001 in scientific notation?

There should be a decimal point in there somewhere; I guess it is after the first zero: 0.00001 = 10-5

What is 89000 in engineering notation?

89,000 in engineering notation is 89 x 10^3

How you convert 55 to engineering notation?

how Yu express 0.55 in engineering notation

What is the number 3300 expressed as in scientific notation and engineering notation?

Scientific notation: 3.3*103 And I'm not certain, but I think it is also 3.3*103 in engineering notation

What is word for .000001?

The word for .000001 is one millionth.

What is is the place value of .000001?

The place value of .000001 is one millionth

What is 934000000 in engineering notation?

Engineering notation has to be a factor of 1000. (10^3, 10^6, 20^9, etc.

How do you do negative scientific notation?

Take, .000001 for example. We need to move the decimal 6 places to the right. This is the same as multiply by 10-6 .0.000001 =1x10-6

Why in engineering you use engineering notation instead of scientific notation?

Sometimes engineers use either scientific or engineering notation, although you are correct that most of the time engineering notation is used. The reason for this the use if greek letter prefixes for quantities. Very often large and small quantities are expressed as micro, mega, giga, nano, and so on. These terms relate to engineering notation in multiples of 1000 or 1/1000. It is a very convenient shorthand not only in writing but also while speaking.

How do you put 6200000 in engineering notation?


What is the engineering notation of 375000000000?

It is: 3.75*10^11

How do you change a number to a engineering notation?