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Q: What is 0.001 in decimals called?
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Related questions

What is a digit with no decimals called?

A number with no decimals is called a whole number, or an integer.

What are non-terminating and non-repeating decimals called?

They are called terminating decimals.

What is 0001 of a newton called?

A dyne is .00001 newtons.

What does terminating decimal mean?

Some decimals repeat. Some decimals go on forever. Some decimals stop. Those are called terminating decimals.

When you multiply two decimals the answer is the?

When you Multiply two decimals it is called the product.

What are the words for things which don't have decimals and things which do?

Things without decimals like people are called discrete data and things that you can measure with decimals like mass are called continuous data. :)

What is 0001?

0001 = 1

Which is greater 0.1 or 0001?

o.1, because if you say this number, you say it, zero and one tenth, and you say o.oo1, zero and one thousandths, and in decimals, the number that sounds bigger is always smaller

Are decimals with the same value are called equivalent decimals?

Yes there are call equivalent decimales

Why these decimal representations are called repeating decimals?

Not all decimal representations are repeating decimals.

What is 30 times 0001?

30 * 0001 = 30

What called integers?

Whole numbers without decimals or fractions are called integers.

What is 0001 called in the metric system?

If you mean 0.001, the prefix "milli" (abbreviated "m") is used for that.

How do you write .0001 in word form?

.0001 or 0.0001 is one ten-thousandth.

Convert from decimals to binary?

192 = 1100 0000 168 = 1010 1000 0 = 0000 0000 1 = 0000 0001 = 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000001 = 11000000.10101000.0.1

Complete units without fractions or decimals are called?

Whole numbers which are called integers

What is the latest goal scored in NHL?

.0001 seconds .0001 seconds

What was the day on 01 January 0001?

01 January 0001 was a Saturday.

What is the binary number of alphabet A?

For Capital A, 0100 0001. For Lowercase A, 0110 0001.

What is it called when fractions terminating repeating decimals integers and percents called?

They are called rational numbers

What day of the week was January 1st 0001?

January 1st, 0001 fell on a Tuesday.

What is military time 0001?

0001 = 12:01 AM

What do you called the set of infinite decimals and non perfect square root?

The set of real numbers. Note that this also includes terminating decimals and integers.

What is a non terminating decimal called?

Some non-terminating decimals are repeating decimals.

What is it called when you change a decimal to percent and percent to to a decimals?