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0.01m equals 100

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10 mm

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Q: What is 0.01 meter equal to?
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One meter is equal to?

1 meter = .001 km 1 meter = 100 cm 1 METER = 1000 mm

How many kilometers are in one meter?

There are no kilometers in a meter, because a kilometer equals 1000 meters. You can state that a meter is equal to .001 kilometer (one-thousandth).

How many meter are in 1 mm?

.001 meter

How many kilometer is in meter?

One meter = .001 Km

1millimeter equals what in meter?


How many kilometers are there in meter?


How many meter is in a decimeter?


.001 equal to how many thou?

The decimal number .001 is equal to 1 over 1,000.

How do you convert meter to megameter?

1 meter = 0,000 001 megameter

How many km equals meter?


Unit corresponding to .001 meter is called?

The millimeter.

What does mm equals stands for?

Millimeters or .001 meter.

What is the dimension of a two liter bottle?

The dimension of 1 Liter is equal to .001 cubic meter, so a 2-liter is 2000 cubic centimeters.

How many kilometers per second squared are equal to one meter per second squared?

.001 km/s2 = 1 m/s2

How many meters are in 800 mm?

1mm = .001 meter 800mm = .8 meter

How m are there in a mm?

.001 meters is 3 times bigger than millimeters. 1 millimeter is .001 meter

If a millimeter is 001 meters then how many millimeters are in a meter?

1 meter = 1000 millimeters 1 millimeter = 0.001 meter

How many km in 1 meter?

That would be converted into .001 km.

Is linear meter is equal to meter?

yes, they are equal

How many decimal equal to 1 hector?


How many killograms equal one gram?


1 meters equals how many kilometers?

1 meter = .001 km

How many1 mm equals a cm and why?

1 cm = 10 mm 1 mm = .1 cm The values are as such because the letters after the numbers refer to fraction of a meter. A meter is equal to 39.37 inches. mm refers to a millimeter which is 1/1000th or .001 of a meter. cm refers to a centimeter which is 1/100th or .01 of a meter. The equation to figure out the answer to your original question ends up being: .01 / .001 which equals 10.

Are micrometers bigger than centimeters?

No. micrometer means 0.000 001 of a meter; cm. means 0.01 of a meter.

1 milligram is equal to how many grams?

.001 grams

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