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It rounds to zero, as the nearest whole number.

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Q: What is 0.25 round to the nearest whole number?
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What is 025 rounded to the nearest hundred?


What does 83025 round to?

83 025 rounds to:100 000 to the nearest hundred thousand80 000 to the nearest ten thousand83 000 to the nearest thousand83 000 to the nearest hundred83 030 to the nearest ten

Is 025 an irrational number?


2.5 percent of what number is 2?

80= 2 / .025

What is the lowest number 025?

You need at least two numbers to have a lowest.

What is PD 025 on ring mean?

It is probable the catalog number of a seller.

Is .02 or .025 larger?


Which is greater 025 or 5?

025 is the same as 25 which is greater than 5

What is the higher milligram 5 or 025?

I assume you mean 5 and 025 (but I'll answer for.025 also). 5 milligrams is larger than 0.025mg. However 5mg is smaller than 025 milligrams.

What is .025 of 80?

It is: .025 times 80 = 2

Is 025 repeating a rational number?

250,250,250,250...? Technically, no, because any number that repeats itself, whether it is a decimal or not, is irrational.

How do you write 025?

025 is the same as twenty five = 25

What is 025 divided by 241003 equals?


Is 025 cents is equal to 2 and half cents?

No. 025 cents is 25 cents.

What is 025 -as a fraction?

If you mean: 0.25 then it is 1/4 but if you mean 025 then it is 25/1

What is thicker .012 or .025?

.025 is thicker than .012

What is the value Elgin DeLuxe watch 025 2054760?

The value of an Elgin DeLuxe watch, serial number 025 2054760, will depend entirely upon its condition. As a guideline, however, these watches can range anywhere from $100 up to over $400.

What is the weight of a diamond stamped 025?

If you can see the figure '025' on the girdle of a diamond, it may be an indicator of origin. If you can see the figure '025' on metal where the diamond is set, it may be an indicator of the metal purity or model number. You can determine the weight of a diamond by weighing it, which is most reasonably done by a certified gemologist who removes the gem from its setting.

What is order from least to greatest 025 0.5 0.05 5.2?

0.05, 0.5, 5.2 and 025.

What is the order for least to greatest 0.25 2.5 .025 25?

They are: .025, 0.25, 2.5 and 25

Stihl where was the stihl 026 made?

What is the part number of the sprocket of stihl 025 ?

How many feet are in 025 mile?

0.25 mile - 1320 feet .025 mile - 132 feet

Need service manual stihl 025 chainsaw thanks?

Is 025 rational?

025 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Is 95 greater or is 025 greater?

95 is greater than 025