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It is: 0.86 rounded to two decimal places

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Q: What is 0.86431 rounded to 2 decimals?
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What is 87.39 rounded 2 decimals?


What 2 decimals when rounded to the nearest tenth equal 2.5?

2.46, 2.47

What is 6.7277 rounded to two decimals places?

6.7277 = 6.73 (rounded off to 2 decimal places)

What is 0.4964 rounded to 2 decimals?

0.50 the trailing zero is required since it shows that the number is rounded to 2 decimal places.

How much is 7.33 liters in ounces?

247.86 rounded to 2 decimals

What r 2 decimals that can be rounded to 2.5 in hundreths?

2.49, 2.48

9.247 rounded to two decimals?

9.247 rounded to two decimals is 9.25

What is 0.7 rounded 2 decimals?

The correct answer is 0.70

What 2 decimals with thousandths that would give 0.2 when rounded to the nearest tenth and 0.20 when rounded to the nearest hundredth?

0.199, 0.198

What is 16.435266 rounded 2 decimals places?

It is 16.44 when rounded to two decimal places

What is 39.098 Rounded?

Rounded to nearest 10: 40 Rounded to a whole number: 39 Rounded to one decimal: 39,1 Rounded to two decimals:39,09

What is 2.99 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

3.00not 3 or 3.0, as including the 2 decimals indicates to what place the number was rounded.

What is 0.625 rounded to the nearest tenth?

1 Decimals of .5 and above are rounded up and decimals of below .5 are rounded down

How do you round 81 to 2 decimal places?

It is already rounded to 2 decimal places since there are no decimals in this number.

What is 125.3546 rounded to 1 decimal place?

It is 125.4 when rounded to one decimal place.

What is 12 rounded to two decimals?


What to decimals can be rounded to 4.09?

4.089, 4.088

What is 376.8 rounded to two decimals?


What is 163 rounded to two decimals?


What is 130.5 rounded to two decimals?


What is 2.364 rounded to two decimals?


What is 11 over 12 in decimals and percentage?

They are: 0.917 rounded and 91.7% rounded respectively

How do you name 2 decimals that could be rounded to the tenths place in 0.4?

They can be: 0.35 or 0.39 and they both round up to 0.4

How do you round decimals to whole numbers-?

If the first digit to the right of the decimal point is 5 or more then it is rounded up but if it is less than 5 then it is not rounded up as in the following examples:- 2.5 is rounded to 3 2.9 is rounded to 3 2.4 is rounded to 2 2.1 is rounded to 2

A decimal rounded to the nearest tenth is 1.5. What two decimals can be rounded to 1.5.?

1.47, 1.48

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