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1 37/100

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Q: What is 1.37 as a mixed number?
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What is 29.137 as a mixed number?

29.137, as a mixed number = 29 137/1000

Write percent as a decimal and as mixed number?

137% = 1.37 = 1 and 37/100

Can 97 over 60 be simplified?

No, it can only be changed into a mixed number: 97/60 = 137/60

Is 137 a prime number and how?

137 is a prime number. Only 1 and 137 are factors of it, so it is a prime number.

How do you change 13.7 into a fraction?

13.7 is the decimal expression for the mixed number 137/10. When converted to an improper fraction this becomes 137/10. This fraction cannot be simplified.

Is 137 a prime or composite number?

137 is a prime number.

Is 137 a odd number?

Yes, 137 is an odd number.

How do you write 137 over 12 in simplest form?

137 over 12 is already in lowest terms. The mixed number is 11 5/12.

What to numbers multiply by 137?

1 and 137 (137 is a prime number).

What is the significance of the number 137 if any?

Its significance is that 137 is a prime number

Where can you acquire large quantities of Cs-137?

Cs-137 is one of the mixed fission byproducts of nuclear fission. You get Cs-137 in a nuclear reactor.

Numerology What does 137 mean?

137 is a number.

Is 137 prime?

Yes, 137 is a prime number.

Is 137 a composite or prime?

137 is a prime number.

What two number multiply into 137?

Itself and one because 137 is a prime number

How many neutrons are in an atom of cesium 137?

There are 82 neutrons in an atom of cesium 137. Number of neutrons = mass number - atomic number = 137 - 55 = 82

What two numbers multiply and make 137?

They are: 1 times 137 = 137 which is a prime number

What numbers can go into 137?

137 is a prime number so the only integers that can be divided into it are 1 and 137 (and of course -1 and -137)

What are the factor pairs of 137?

Since it is a prime number, the two numbers that have to be multiplied to get 137 are 1 and 137...the number itself and and one.

Is 137 a square number?

No, 137 is not a square number because 12^2 = 144 and 11^2 = 121. Therefore 11 < 137^(1/2) < 12, and is thus not an integer. Thus 137 is not a square number.

What atom has an atomic number of 56 and a mass number of 137 amu?

Barium has an atomic number of 56 and a mass number of 137 amu

Is 137 even or odd?

The number 137 is odd. Any number that is not evenly divisible by 2 is odd.

What consists of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed numberThis is called a mixed number or mixed fraction.

What is 137 divisible by?

Only by itself and one because 137 is a prime number

Is 137 a composite number?