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100 degrees Fahrenheit = 37.78 degrees Centigrade

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Q: What is 100 degrees Fahrenheit converted into centigrade?
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What is the Fahrenheit equivelent of 100 degrees centigrade?

100 degrees Celsius = 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is 100 degrees converted into Celsius?

The question does not specify the units for 100 degrees. They could be fahrenheit, Kelvin (or absolute) plus a few more, lesser known scales. The scientific standard is Kelvin and 100 degrees Kelvin = - 173.15 degrees centigrade. For the less common Fahrenheit, 100 degrees F = 37.78 degrees centigrade.

Convert 230 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees centigrade?

it is around 100 degrees centigrade

What is the fahrenheit equivalent to 100 degrees centigrade?

0 degrees centigrade = 32 degrees fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit equivalent of 100 degrees centigrade?


What a hundred degree Fahrenheit is in centigrade?

100 degrees Fahrenheit = 37.78 degrees Celsius

What is 100 degrees centigrade on the Fahrenheit scale?

1C= 273k

What temerature does water boil?

100 degrees Centigrade or 212 degrees Fahrenheit

How many centegrade is 212 degrees Fahrenheit?

It's 100 degrees centigrade

The temperature of boiling water is?

100 degrees Centigrade or 212 degrees Fahrenheit

What happens to water at 100 degrees centigrade?

It boils...100 deg Centigrade equals 212 deg. Fahrenheit

How do you use the word centigrade in a sentence?

The boiling point of water is either 212 degrees fahrenheit or 100 degrees centigrade.