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101/2 = 10x2 + 1/2

= 21/2

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Q: What is 10 and 1 half as a inproper fraction?
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How do you change 6 over 1 fourth to an inproper fraction?

You first change 1 forth to 1 fourth because otherwise it has no meaning. Then, 6 / (1/4) = 6 * (4/1) = 24/1 = 24, which is an integer, not an inproper (not inproper!) fraction.

How do you convert 3 to an inproper fraction?

3 over 1

Is one tenth an inproper fraction?

No, 1/10 is not an improper fraction. An improper fraction has a larger numerator than denominator, such as: 37/31 13/3 41/17

How do you write 45 1 as a inproper fraction?

45/1 is an integer and s cannot be expressed as an improper fraction except, possibly, as 45/1.

How do you write a inproper fraction?

An improper fraction is a fraction where the top number, numerator, is larger than the bottom, denominator.1 2/3= 5/3

What is one half as a fraction equal to?

One half as a fraction is 1/2 and is equivalent to 5/10 or 0.5 as a decimal

How do you turn a fraction into an inproper fraction?

Proper fractions are less than 1. Improper fractions are greater than 1. For a proper fraction to become an improper fraction, you would have to add a quantity that would make it greater than 1.

What fraction is 5 out of ten?

5 is half (1/2) of 10

What is half of 1 in fraction form?

Half of 1 as a fraction is 1/2

What fraction is half of the fraction that is half of half?

One quarter (1/4) is the fraction that is half of one half (1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4).

Why 1 point 5 stands for the same amount that the fraction 1 and 1 half?

1.5 stands for 1 and 5/10 5/10 is an equivalent fraction for 1/2

What fraction is half of the fraction that is half of 1 over 2?


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