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13° C is 10° C warmer than 3° C.

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Q: What is 10 degrees above 3 degrees c?
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What is The meaning of temperate climate?

Climates with an average temperature of 10 degrees C or above in the warmest month, between -3 degrees C and18 degrees C in the coldest month.

What temperature is 10 degrees higher than minus 7 degrees celsius?

Assuming you mean 10 °C higher... 3 °C (or +3 °C) is 10° higher than -7 °C

Is -10 degrees F the same as -37 C?


What temperature is 20 degrees warmer than negative 10 Celsius?


Which is higher 24.2C or 3.5C?

24.2 degees C is the higher temperature. 3.5 degrees C (Celsius) is 3.5 degrees above freezing. 24.2 degrees C (Celsius) is 24.2 degrees above freezing.

What is lower -12 degrees Celsius or -10 degrees Celsius?

-12 degrees C is lower than -10 degrees C

What oil do you use for a Yamaha TTR 250?

Manual Recommended lubricants for Engine/Transmission are: Type: API grade SE or SF multigrade oil, Viscosity: 40-degrees F(5-degrees C) or above:20W40 or 10-degrees F(-10-degrees C) or below:10W30

What is 10 degrees C in F?

10 degrees Celsius = 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature is warmer than -14 degrees Celsius?

Anything -13 and higher (-12,-11,-10,-9,8,.........0, 1, 2, 3.......) Every temperature -13.99° C and above.

Which one is greater 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees celsius?

The temperature 10 degrees Celsius is much warmer than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally higher numeric values are found on the Fahrenheit scale, with its smaller "degrees". However, the value 0°F is 32 Fahrenheit degrees below the freezing point of water, and is equal to -17.8 °C. The value 10 °C is above the freezing point of water (0°C) and is equal to 50 °F .

What is 10 c in a f?

10 degrees Celsius = 50 degrees Fahrenheit

What is 3 c in F degrees?

3 degrees Celsius = 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit.