What is 10 of 38500?

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The solution to the problem 10 percent of 38500 would be 3850.

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Q: What is 10 of 38500?
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What is 6 percent of 38500?

6% of the number = 38500 * (6/100) = 2310

What is 38 percent of 38500?

38 percent of 38,500 is 14,630.

How much is 38500 sq ft in acres?

0.88 acres.

If you made 38500 a year what would you make a month?


There is an ISO 38500 certification?

Yes there is, the ISO 38500 or IEC 38500 standard is applicable to organizations from all sizes, including public and private companies, government entities, and not-for-profit organizations. It is to provide guiding principles for the organization directors for an effective, efficient and acceptable use of Information Technology or IT within their organizations.

How much does an electrician earn in the UK?

29500 a year 38500 with call out

How many years will it take for an initial investment of 19000 to grow to 38500 Assume a rate of interest of 13 percent compounded daily?

13% daily is worse than any loan shark!Suppose it takes n days, then38500 = 19000*(1 + 13/100)n= 19000*(1.13)nSo 38500/19000 = 1.13nln(38500/19000) = n*ln(1.13)so that n = ln(38500/19000) / ln(1.13) = 5.78So 6 days.

What is the pension of a retired army four star general?

38500 a month for Lifetime

What is 7 percent of 550000?

7% of 550000 = 7% * 550000 = 0.07 * 550000 = 38500

When did mount Damavand last erupt?

The last erupt of mount Damavand was more than 38500 years ago.

What are the notes Las Mananitas for violin?

I found the sheet music for "Las Mananitas" on violin, with this link:

What is ISO 38500 standard?

= ISO38500 - ISO 38500 - International Standard for Corporate Governance of IT (IT Governance) - ISO/IEC 38500 = ISO38500, the international standard for the corporate governance of information technology is due for publication shortly. The original draft number of ISO 29382 has been discarded, and the official number of the new standard will be ISO/IEC 38500. ISO 38500 draws upon a number of sources, chief of which is AS 8015:2005, which defines six principles (establish responsibilities, plan to best support the organization, acquire validly, ensure performance when required, ensure comformance with rules, ensure respect for human factors). ISO/IEC 29382, Corporate Governance of Information and Communication Technology, was first published early in 2007 as a fast track candidate from the existing Australian standard AS8015. It was officially re-named ISO/IEC 38500 in April 2008. As is usual with international standards, it is intended to provide guiding principles to any organization, regardless of size or sector. ISO/IEC 38500:2008 provides guiding principles for directors of organizations (including owners, board members, directors, partners, senior executives, or similar) on the effective, efficient, and acceptable use of Information Technology (IT) within their organizations. ISO/IEC 38500:2008 applies to the governance of management processes (and decisions) relating to the information and communication services used by an organization. These processes could be controlled by IT specialists within the organization or external service providers, or by business units within the organization. It also provides guidance to those advising, informing, or assisting directors. They include: * senior managers; * members of groups monitoring the resources within the organization; * external business or technical specialists, such as legal or accounting specialists, retail associations, or professional bodies; * vendors of hardware, software, communications and other IT products; * internal and external service providers (including consultants); * IT auditors.

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