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120km per hour = 109.361 feet per second.

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Q: What is 120km per hour in feet per seconds?
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At 120 miles per hour how many feet per second?

176 feet per second. Multiply 1 mile in feet (5280 feet) by 120MPH (literally 120 miles per hour) = 633600 feet per hour Multiply to get how many seconds in an hour (60 minutes per hour X 60 seconds per minute) = 3600 633,600 feet divided by 3600 seconds = 176 feet per second

Distance traveled in feet after 12 seconds at 87 miles per hour?

87 miles per hour = 1,531.2 feet per 12 seconds

How many miles per hour the eagle fly?

Eagle fly 120km per hour.

If you traveled 495360 feet in an hour how many feet would you have traveled in 12 seconds?

Since one hour is 3600 seconds (60 minutes per hour times 60 seconds per minute), 12 seconds is 12 over 3600th of an hour, or 0.03333 of an hour. In 12 seconds, at 495360 feet per hour, you would travel about 1651 (495360 times 12 divided by 3600) feet.

How fast are you travelling in miles per hour if you travel 76 feet in 10 seconds?

You are traveling at 5.18 miles per hour at 76 feet per 10 seconds.

A bowling ball is going 15miles per hour how fast is it going in feet per seconds?

15 miles/hour (5280 feet/1 mile)(1 hour/3600 seconds) = 22 feet per second

At 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds how many feet will you travel?

At 60 miles per hour you will travel 528 feet every six seconds.

How do you convert feet-per-second to miles-per-hour?

Use the facts that there are 5,280 feet per mile and 3600 seconds per hour.

What is the answer to 77 feet in 10 seconds per miles into hour?

5.25 miles per hour.

What is 200 mile per hour convert to feet per second?

200 mile per hour = 200 x 5280 feet per hour = 1,056,000 feet per 3600 seconds = 293.33 feet per second

How fast do cheerer run?

Approximately 120km/h per hour

How do you convert 300 feet per 2.92 seconds into miles per hour?

300 feet per 2.92 seconds = ~70.05 (70.0498132) mph