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This is a Ditloid.

The answer is 12 sides on a dodecagon.

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Q: What is 12 equals number of s on a d?
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A number of apple divided into 12 baskets?

s-12 whatever equals 12 so s=6

What is the answer to 2s-12 plus 2s equals 4s-12?

2s - 12 + 2s = 4s - 124s - 12 = 4s - 124s = 4ss = s==========this is an identity and any number can be s

How do you work out the speed of an object?

speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t) speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t) speed equals distance divided by time (S = d/t)

What is the answer to s-12 equals -46?


In the equation s equals d divided by t what does d stand for?

The d stands for distance.

12 equals s of the z?

12 signs of the Zodiac

7 equals d in s w?

7 equals down in sewer water

What is 12 S on a D?

12 Sides on a Dodecagon

10000 meters equals how many meters?

10000 equals 10000 meters

6 equals s on a d?

6 sides on a die.

What type of electron orbital s p d f is designated by n equals to 2 l equals to 0and m equals to 0?

S orbital

What are the relationships between group configuration and group number for elements in the s p and d blocks?

There are one or two electrons in the ns sublevel for s-block elements, the sum of electrons in ns and (n-1)d levels equals the group number in d-block elements, and the number of electrons in the np sublevel equals the group number minus twelve in p-block elements. You can find this info in table 2 on page 147 of the Modern Chemistry textbook.

What are two meanings for 12 equals S of the Z?

12 signs of the zodiac

If a and b equals 5 c equals 6 and d equals 4 whats the area of this triangle?

Assuming the sides of the triangle a=5, b=5 and c=6, the semiperimeter s=(5+5+6)/2=8. Height d=3 is not necessary if you use Heron´s formula for the area (A): A = [s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)]1/2 = [8(8-5)(8-5)(8-6)]1/2 = [144]1/2 = 12

What is market clearing level?

In which supply equals to demand. S = D

What does 30 equals D in S mean?

30 Days in September

180 equals M S at D?

maximum score at darts

What does 7 equals S W S D mean?

snow white seven dwarfs

What is the velocity if d equals 30 m and t equals 9 s?

v = d/t = 30m/9s = 3.33... metres per second.

2s plus s plus 12 equals 132?

2s + s + 12 =132 ie 3s = 132 -12 3s = 120 s = 40

D equals 10m t equals 7seconds find speed?

Speed = 10/7 m/s

How do you write 20 over 12 s a mixed number?

20 over 12 s a mixed number = 12/3

Does t equals ds or t equals d divided by s?

If t is for time, d is for distance and s is for speed, then the second version in the question is correct: t = d/s .If you forget, here is a way to work it out. Speed always has units of distance divided by time, as in "miles per hour", or "meters per second", so the units obeythe equation: speed units equals distance units divided by time units,or s = d / t , in italics to show the letters refer to units, like "a mile" or "a second".To convert the units equation to the t = d/s form using algebra rules, multiply bothsides of s = d / t by t, leaving st = dt / t , but t/t = 1, hence st = d1 , st=d, because 1 times any number just leaves that same number: 1x5=5, and 1 x leventyleven = leventyleven , if leventyleven is a number in a number systemfor which 1 is a unit. Cancellation is not something trivial. It is worthwhile toexplain why it works. Finally, st = d becomes t = d/s by division by s and cancellation, on the left side this time.

What combinations of darts make up the score of 94?

I have come up with 1762 ways to throw 94, including 707 different out shots and 1055 other combinations.The 707 Possible Ways to Take Out a 94:T-18, D-20T-20, D-17S-1, T-19, D-18D-1, T-14, D-BS-2, T-14, D-BD-1, T-18, D-19S-2, T-18, D-19D-1, T-20, D-16S-2, T-20, D-16S-3, T-17, D-20T-1, T-17, D-20S-3, T-19, D-17T-1, T-19, D-17D-2, D-20, D-BS-4, D-20, D-BD-2, D-B, D-20S-4, D-B, D-20D-2, T-18, D-18S-4, T-18, D-18D-2, T-20, D-15S-4, T-20, D-15S-5, T-13, D-BS-5, T-17, D-19S-5, T-19, D-16D-3, D-19, D-BS-6, D-19, D-BT-2, D-19, D-BD-3, T-16, D-20S-6, T-16, D-20T-2, T-16, D-20D-3, D-B, D-19S-6, D-B, D-19T-2, D-B, D-19D-3, T-18, D-17S-6, T-18, D-17T-2, T-18, D-17D-3, T-20, D-14S-6, T-20, D-14T-2, T-20, D-14S-7, T-17, D-18S-7, T-19, D-15D-4, D-18, D-BD-4, T-12, D-BS-8, D-18, D-BS-8, T-12, D-BD-4, T-16, D-19S-8, T-16, D-19D-4, D-B, D-18S-8, D-B, D-18D-4, T-18, D-16S-8, T-18, D-16D-4, T-20, D-13S-8, T-20, D-13S-9, T-15, D-20T-3, T-15, D-20S-9, T-17, D-17T-3, T-17, D-17S-9, T-19, D-14T-3, T-19, D-14D-5, D-17, D-BS-10, D-17, D-BD-5, T-16, D-18S-10, T-16, D-18D-5, D-B, D-17S-10, D-B, D-17D-5, T-18, D-15S-10, T-18, D-15D-5, T-20, D-12S-10, T-20, D-12S-11, T-11, D-BS-11, T-15, D-19S-11, T-17, D-16S-11, T-19, D-13D-6, D-16, D-BS-12, D-16, D-BT-4, D-16, D-BD-6, T-14, D-20S-12, T-14, D-20T-4, T-14, D-20D-6, T-16, D-17S-12, T-16, D-17T-4, T-16, D-17D-6, D-B, D-16S-12, D-B, D-16T-4, D-B, D-16D-6, T-18, D-14S-12, T-18, D-14T-4, T-18, D-14D-6, T-20, D-11S-12, T-20, D-11T-4, T-20, D-11S-13, T-15, D-18S-13, T-17, D-15S-13, T-19, D-12D-7, D-15, D-BD-7, T-10, D-BS-14, D-15, D-BS-14, T-10, D-BD-7, D-20, D-20S-14, D-20, D-20D-7, T-14, D-19S-14, T-14, D-19D-7, T-16, D-16S-14, T-16, D-16D-7, D-B, D-15S-14, D-B, D-15D-7, T-18, D-13S-14, T-18, D-13D-7, T-20, D-10S-14, T-20, D-10S-15, T-13, D-20T-5, T-13, D-20S-15, T-15, D-17T-5, T-15, D-17S-15, T-17, D-14T-5, T-17, D-14S-15, T-19, D-11T-5, T-19, D-11D-8, D-14, D-BS-16, D-14, D-BD-8, D-19, D-20S-16, D-19, D-20D-8, D-20, D-19S-16, D-20, D-19D-8, T-14, D-18S-16, T-14, D-18D-8, T-16, D-15S-16, T-16, D-15D-8, D-B, D-14S-16, D-B, D-14D-8, T-18, D-12S-16, T-18, D-12D-8, T-20, D-9S-16, T-20, D-9S-17, T-9, D-BS-17, T-13, D-19S-17, T-15, D-16S-17, T-17, D-13S-17, T-19, D-10D-9, D-13, D-BS-18, D-13, D-BT-6, D-13, D-BD-9, D-18, D-20D-9, T-12, D-20S-18, D-18, D-20S-18, T-12, D-20T-6, D-18, D-20T-6, T-12, D-20D-9, D-19, D-19S-18, D-19, D-19T-6, D-19, D-19D-9, D-20, D-18S-18, D-20, D-18T-6, D-20, D-18D-9, T-14, D-17S-18, T-14, D-17T-6, T-14, D-17D-9, T-16, D-14S-18, T-16, D-14T-6, T-16, D-14D-9, D-B, D-13S-18, D-B, D-13T-6, D-B, D-13D-9, T-18, D-11S-18, T-18, D-11T-6, T-18, D-11D-9, T-20, D-8S-18, T-20, D-8T-6, T-20, D-8S-19, S-B, D-BS-19, T-13, D-18S-19, T-15, D-15S-19, T-17, D-12S-19, T-19, D-9D-10, D-12, D-BD-10, T-8, D-BS-20, D-12, D-BS-20, T-8, D-BD-10, D-17, D-20S-20, D-17, D-20D-10, D-18, D-19D-10, T-12, D-19S-20, D-18, D-19S-20, T-12, D-19D-10, D-19, D-18S-20, D-19, D-18D-10, D-20, D-17S-20, D-20, D-17D-10, T-14, D-16S-20, T-14, D-16D-10, T-16, D-13S-20, T-16, D-13D-10, D-B, D-12S-20, D-B, D-12D-10, T-18, D-10S-20, T-18, D-10D-10, T-20, D-7S-20, T-20, D-7T-7, T-11, D-20T-7, T-13, D-17T-7, T-15, D-14T-7, T-17, D-11T-7, T-19, D-8D-11, D-11, D-BD-11, D-16, D-20D-11, D-17, D-19D-11, D-18, D-18D-11, T-12, D-18D-11, D-19, D-17D-11, D-20, D-16D-11, T-14, D-15D-11, T-16, D-12D-11, D-B, D-11D-11, T-18, D-9D-11, T-20, D-6D-12, D-10, D-BD-12, S-20, D-BT-8, D-10, D-BT-8, S-20, D-BD-12, D-15, D-20D-12, T-10, D-20T-8, D-15, D-20T-8, T-10, D-20D-12, D-16, D-19T-8, D-16, D-19D-12, D-17, D-18T-8, D-17, D-18D-12, D-18, D-17D-12, T-12, D-17T-8, D-18, D-17T-8, T-12, D-17D-12, D-19, D-16T-8, D-19, D-16D-12, D-20, D-15T-8, D-20, D-15D-12, T-14, D-14T-8, T-14, D-14D-12, T-16, D-11T-8, T-16, D-11D-12, D-B, D-10T-8, D-B, D-10D-12, T-18, D-8T-8, T-18, D-8D-12, T-20, D-5T-8, T-20, D-5S-B, S-19, D-BS-B, T-11, D-18S-B, T-13, D-15S-B, T-15, D-12S-B, T-17, D-9S-B, T-19, D-6D-13, D-9, D-BD-13, S-18, D-BD-13, T-6, D-BD-13, D-14, D-20D-13, D-15, D-19D-13, T-10, D-19D-13, D-16, D-18D-13, D-17, D-17D-13, D-18, D-16D-13, T-12, D-16D-13, D-19, D-15D-13, D-20, D-14D-13, T-14, D-13D-13, T-16, D-10D-13, D-B, D-9D-13, T-18, D-7D-13, T-20, D-4T-9, S-17, D-BT-9, T-9, D-20T-9, T-11, D-17T-9, T-13, D-14T-9, T-15, D-11T-9, T-17, D-8T-9, T-19, D-5D-14, D-8, D-BD-14, S-16, D-BD-14, D-13, D-20D-14, D-14, D-19D-14, D-15, D-18D-14, T-10, D-18D-14, D-16, D-17D-14, D-17, D-16D-14, D-18, D-15D-14, T-12, D-15D-14, D-19, D-14D-14, D-20, D-13D-14, T-14, D-12D-14, T-16, D-9D-14, D-B, D-8D-14, T-18, D-6D-14, T-20, D-3D-15, D-7, D-BD-15, S-14, D-BT-10, D-7, D-BT-10, S-14, D-BD-15, D-12, D-20D-15, T-8, D-20T-10, D-12, D-20T-10, T-8, D-20D-15, D-13, D-19T-10, D-13, D-19D-15, D-14, D-18T-10, D-14, D-18D-15, D-15, D-17D-15, T-10, D-17T-10, D-15, D-17T-10, T-10, D-17D-15, D-16, D-16T-10, D-16, D-16D-15, D-17, D-15T-10, D-17, D-15D-15, D-18, D-14D-15, T-12, D-14T-10, D-18, D-14T-10, T-12, D-14D-15, D-19, D-13T-10, D-19, D-13D-15, D-20, D-12T-10, D-20, D-12D-15, T-14, D-11T-10, T-14, D-11D-15, T-16, D-8T-10, T-16, D-8D-15, D-B, D-7T-10, D-B, D-7D-15, T-18, D-5T-10, T-18, D-5D-15, T-20, D-2T-10, T-20, D-2D-16, D-6, D-BD-16, S-12, D-BD-16, T-4, D-BD-16, D-11, D-20D-16, D-12, D-19D-16, T-8, D-19D-16, D-13, D-18D-16, D-14, D-17D-16, D-15, D-16D-16, T-10, D-16D-16, D-16, D-15D-16, D-17, D-14D-16, D-18, D-13D-16, T-12, D-13D-16, D-19, D-12D-16, D-20, D-11D-16, T-14, D-10D-16, T-16, D-7D-16, D-B, D-6D-16, T-18, D-4D-16, T-20, D-1T-11, S-11, D-BT-11, T-7, D-20T-11, S-B, D-18T-11, T-9, D-17T-11, T-11, D-14T-11, T-13, D-11T-11, T-15, D-8T-11, T-17, D-5T-11, T-19, D-2D-17, D-5, D-BD-17, S-10, D-BD-17, D-10, D-20D-17, S-20, D-20D-17, D-11, D-19D-17, D-12, D-18D-17, T-8, D-18D-17, D-13, D-17D-17, D-14, D-16D-17, D-15, D-15D-17, T-10, D-15D-17, D-16, D-14D-17, D-17, D-13D-17, D-18, D-12D-17, T-12, D-12D-17, D-19, D-11D-17, D-20, D-10D-17, T-14, D-9D-17, T-16, D-6D-17, D-B, D-5D-17, T-18, D-3D-18, D-4, D-BD-18, S-8, D-BT-12, D-4, D-BT-12, S-8, D-BD-18, D-9, D-20D-18, S-18, D-20D-18, T-6, D-20T-12, D-9, D-20T-12, S-18, D-20T-12, T-6, D-20D-18, D-10, D-19D-18, S-20, D-19T-12, D-10, D-19T-12, S-20, D-19D-18, D-11, D-18T-12, D-11, D-18D-18, D-12, D-17D-18, T-8, D-17T-12, D-12, D-17T-12, T-8, D-17D-18, D-13, D-16T-12, D-13, D-16D-18, D-14, D-15T-12, D-14, D-15D-18, D-15, D-14D-18, T-10, D-14T-12, D-15, D-14T-12, T-10, D-14D-18, D-16, D-13T-12, D-16, D-13D-18, D-17, D-12T-12, D-17, D-12D-18, D-18, D-11D-18, T-12, D-11T-12, D-18, D-11T-12, T-12, D-11D-18, D-19, D-10T-12, D-19, D-10D-18, D-20, D-9T-12, D-20, D-9D-18, T-14, D-8T-12, T-14, D-8D-18, T-16, D-5T-12, T-16, D-5D-18, D-B, D-4T-12, D-B, D-4D-18, T-18, D-2T-12, T-18, D-2D-19, D-3, D-BD-19, S-6, D-BD-19, T-2, D-BD-19, D-8, D-20D-19, S-16, D-20D-19, D-9, D-19D-19, S-18, D-19D-19, T-6, D-19D-19, D-10, D-18D-19, S-20, D-18D-19, D-11, D-17D-19, D-12, D-16D-19, T-8, D-16D-19, D-13, D-15D-19, D-14, D-14D-19, D-15, D-13D-19, T-10, D-13D-19, D-16, D-12D-19, D-17, D-11D-19, D-18, D-10D-19, T-12, D-10D-19, D-19, D-9D-19, D-20, D-8D-19, T-14, D-7D-19, T-16, D-4D-19, D-B, D-3D-19, T-18, D-1T-13, S-5, D-BT-13, S-15, D-20T-13, T-5, D-20T-13, S-17, D-19T-13, S-19, D-18T-13, T-7, D-17T-13, S-B, D-15T-13, T-9, D-14T-13, T-11, D-11T-13, T-13, D-8T-13, T-15, D-5T-13, T-17, D-2D-20, D-2, D-BD-20, S-4, D-BD-20, D-7, D-20D-20, S-14, D-20D-20, D-8, D-19D-20, S-16, D-19D-20, D-9, D-18D-20, S-18, D-18D-20, T-6, D-18D-20, D-10, D-17D-20, S-20, D-17D-20, D-11, D-16D-20, D-12, D-15D-20, T-8, D-15D-20, D-13, D-14D-20, D-14, D-13D-20, D-15, D-12D-20, T-10, D-12D-20, D-16, D-11D-20, D-17, D-10D-20, D-18, D-9D-20, T-12, D-9D-20, D-19, D-8D-20, D-20, D-7D-20, T-14, D-6D-20, T-16, D-3D-20, D-B, D-2T-14, D-1, D-BT-14, S-2, D-BT-14, D-6, D-20T-14, S-12, D-20T-14, T-4, D-20T-14, D-7, D-19T-14, S-14, D-19T-14, D-8, D-18T-14, S-16, D-18T-14, D-9, D-17T-14, S-18, D-17T-14, T-6, D-17T-14, D-10, D-16T-14, S-20, D-16T-14, D-11, D-15T-14, D-12, D-14T-14, T-8, D-14T-14, D-13, D-13T-14, D-14, D-12T-14, D-15, D-11T-14, T-10, D-11T-14, D-16, D-10T-14, D-17, D-9T-14, D-18, D-8T-14, T-12, D-8T-14, D-19, D-7T-14, D-20, D-6T-14, T-14, D-5T-14, T-16, D-2T-14, D-B, D-1T-15, S-9, D-20T-15, T-3, D-20T-15, S-11, D-19T-15, S-13, D-18T-15, S-15, D-17T-15, T-5, D-17T-15, S-17, D-16T-15, S-19, D-15T-15, T-7, D-14T-15, S-B, D-12T-15, T-9, D-11T-15, T-11, D-8T-15, T-13, D-5T-15, T-15, D-2T-16, D-3, D-20T-16, S-6, D-20T-16, T-2, D-20T-16, D-4, D-19T-16, S-8, D-19T-16, D-5, D-18T-16, S-10, D-18T-16, D-6, D-17T-16, S-12, D-17T-16, T-4, D-17T-16, D-7, D-16T-16, S-14, D-16T-16, D-8, D-15T-16, S-16, D-15T-16, D-9, D-14T-16, S-18, D-14T-16, T-6, D-14T-16, D-10, D-13T-16, S-20, D-13T-16, D-11, D-12T-16, D-12, D-11T-16, T-8, D-11T-16, D-13, D-10T-16, D-14, D-9T-16, D-15, D-8T-16, T-10, D-8T-16, D-16, D-7T-16, D-17, D-6T-16, D-18, D-5T-16, T-12, D-5T-16, D-19, D-4T-16, D-20, D-3T-16, T-14, D-2D-B, D-2, D-20D-B, S-4, D-20D-B, D-3, D-19D-B, S-6, D-19D-B, T-2, D-19D-B, D-4, D-18D-B, S-8, D-18D-B, D-5, D-17D-B, S-10, D-17D-B, D-6, D-16D-B, S-12, D-16D-B, T-4, D-16D-B, D-7, D-15D-B, S-14, D-15D-B, D-8, D-14D-B, S-16, D-14D-B, D-9, D-13D-B, S-18, D-13D-B, T-6, D-13D-B, D-10, D-12D-B, S-20, D-12D-B, D-11, D-11D-B, D-12, D-10D-B, T-8, D-10D-B, D-13, D-9D-B, D-14, D-8D-B, D-15, D-7D-B, T-10, D-7D-B, D-16, D-6D-B, D-17, D-5D-B, D-18, D-4D-B, T-12, D-4D-B, D-19, D-3D-B, D-20, D-2D-B, T-14, D-1T-17, S-3, D-20T-17, T-1, D-20T-17, S-5, D-19T-17, S-7, D-18T-17, S-9, D-17T-17, T-3, D-17T-17, S-11, D-16T-17, S-13, D-15T-17, S-15, D-14T-17, T-5, D-14T-17, S-17, D-13T-17, S-19, D-12T-17, T-7, D-11T-17, S-B, D-9T-17, T-9, D-8T-17, T-11, D-5T-17, T-13, D-2T-18, D-1, D-19T-18, S-2, D-19T-18, D-2, D-18T-18, S-4, D-18T-18, D-3, D-17T-18, S-6, D-17T-18, T-2, D-17T-18, D-4, D-16T-18, S-8, D-16T-18, D-5, D-15T-18, S-10, D-15T-18, D-6, D-14T-18, S-12, D-14T-18, T-4, D-14T-18, D-7, D-13T-18, S-14, D-13T-18, D-8, D-12T-18, S-16, D-12T-18, D-9, D-11T-18, S-18, D-11T-18, T-6, D-11T-18, D-10, D-10T-18, S-20, D-10T-18, D-11, D-9T-18, D-12, D-8T-18, T-8, D-8T-18, D-13, D-7T-18, D-14, D-6T-18, D-15, D-5T-18, T-10, D-5T-18, D-16, D-4T-18, D-17, D-3T-18, D-18, D-2T-18, T-12, D-2T-18, D-19, D-1T-19, S-1, D-18T-19, S-3, D-17T-19, T-1, D-17T-19, S-5, D-16T-19, S-7, D-15T-19, S-9, D-14T-19, T-3, D-14T-19, S-11, D-13T-19, S-13, D-12T-19, S-15, D-11T-19, T-5, D-11T-19, S-17, D-10T-19, S-19, D-9T-19, T-7, D-8T-19, S-B, D-6T-19, T-9, D-5T-19, T-11, D-2T-20, D-1, D-16T-20, S-2, D-16T-20, D-2, D-15T-20, S-4, D-15T-20, D-3, D-14T-20, S-6, D-14T-20, T-2, D-14T-20, D-4, D-13T-20, S-8, D-13T-20, D-5, D-12T-20, S-10, D-12T-20, D-6, D-11T-20, S-12, D-11T-20, T-4, D-11T-20, D-7, D-10T-20, S-14, D-10T-20, D-8, D-9T-20, S-16, D-9T-20, D-9, D-8T-20, S-18, D-8T-20, T-6, D-8T-20, D-10, D-7T-20, S-20, D-7T-20, D-11, D-6T-20, D-12, D-5T-20, T-8, D-5T-20, D-13, D-4T-20, D-14, D-3T-20, D-15, D-2T-20, T-10, D-2T-20, D-16, D-1The 1055 Other Ways to Throw a 94:D-17, T-20D-20, T-18S-1, T-11, T-20S-1, D-18, T-19S-1, T-12, T-19S-1, T-13, T-18S-1, T-14, T-17S-1, T-15, T-16S-1, T-16, T-15S-1, T-17, T-14S-1, T-18, T-13S-1, T-19, T-12S-1, T-20, T-11D-1, D-16, T-20S-2, D-16, T-20D-1, D-19, T-18S-2, D-19, T-18D-1, D-B, T-14S-2, D-B, T-14S-3, D-17, T-19T-1, D-17, T-19S-3, D-20, T-17T-1, D-20, T-17D-2, D-15, T-20D-2, T-10, T-20S-4, D-15, T-20S-4, T-10, T-20D-2, T-11, T-19S-4, T-11, T-19D-2, D-18, T-18D-2, T-12, T-18S-4, D-18, T-18S-4, T-12, T-18D-2, T-13, T-17S-4, T-13, T-17D-2, T-14, T-16S-4, T-14, T-16D-2, T-15, T-15S-4, T-15, T-15D-2, T-16, T-14S-4, T-16, T-14D-2, T-17, T-13S-4, T-17, T-13D-2, T-18, T-12S-4, T-18, T-12D-2, T-19, T-11S-4, T-19, T-11D-2, T-20, T-10S-4, T-20, T-10S-5, D-16, T-19S-5, D-19, T-17S-5, D-B, T-13D-3, D-14, T-20S-6, D-14, T-20T-2, D-14, T-20D-3, D-17, T-18S-6, D-17, T-18T-2, D-17, T-18D-3, D-20, T-16S-6, D-20, T-16T-2, D-20, T-16S-7, T-9, T-20S-7, D-15, T-19S-7, T-10, T-19S-7, T-11, T-18S-7, D-18, T-17S-7, T-12, T-17S-7, T-13, T-16S-7, T-14, T-15S-7, T-15, T-14S-7, T-16, T-13S-7, T-17, T-12S-7, T-18, T-11S-7, T-19, T-10S-7, T-20, T-9D-4, D-13, T-20S-8, D-13, T-20D-4, D-16, T-18S-8, D-16, T-18D-4, D-19, T-16S-8, D-19, T-16D-4, D-B, T-12S-8, D-B, T-12S-9, S-B, T-20T-3, S-B, T-20S-9, D-14, T-19T-3, D-14, T-19S-9, D-17, T-17T-3, D-17, T-17S-9, D-20, T-15T-3, D-20, T-15S-9, T-20, S-BT-3, T-20, S-BD-5, D-12, T-20D-5, T-8, T-20S-10, D-12, T-20S-10, T-8, T-20D-5, T-9, T-19S-10, T-9, T-19D-5, D-15, T-18D-5, T-10, T-18S-10, D-15, T-18S-10, T-10, T-18D-5, T-11, T-17S-10, T-11, T-17D-5, D-18, T-16D-5, T-12, T-16S-10, D-18, T-16S-10, T-12, T-16D-5, T-13, T-15S-10, T-13, T-15D-5, T-14, T-14S-10, T-14, T-14D-5, T-15, T-13S-10, T-15, T-13D-5, T-16, T-12S-10, T-16, T-12D-5, T-17, T-11S-10, T-17, T-11D-5, T-18, T-10S-10, T-18, T-10D-5, T-19, T-9S-10, T-19, T-9D-5, T-20, T-8S-10, T-20, T-8S-11, D-13, T-19S-11, D-16, T-17S-11, D-19, T-15S-11, D-B, T-11D-6, D-11, T-20S-12, D-11, T-20T-4, D-11, T-20D-6, S-B, T-19S-12, S-B, T-19T-4, S-B, T-19D-6, D-14, T-18S-12, D-14, T-18T-4, D-14, T-18D-6, D-17, T-16S-12, D-17, T-16T-4, D-17, T-16D-6, D-20, T-14S-12, D-20, T-14T-4, D-20, T-14D-6, T-19, S-BS-12, T-19, S-BT-4, T-19, S-BS-13, T-7, T-20S-13, D-12, T-19S-13, T-8, T-19S-13, T-9, T-18S-13, D-15, T-17S-13, T-10, T-17S-13, T-11, T-16S-13, D-18, T-15S-13, T-12, T-15S-13, T-13, T-14S-13, T-14, T-13S-13, T-15, T-12S-13, T-16, T-11S-13, T-17, T-10S-13, T-18, T-9S-13, T-19, T-8S-13, T-20, T-7D-7, D-10, T-20D-7, S-20, T-20S-14, D-10, T-20S-14, S-20, T-20D-7, D-13, T-18S-14, D-13, T-18D-7, D-16, T-16S-14, D-16, T-16D-7, D-19, T-14S-14, D-19, T-14D-7, D-B, T-10S-14, D-B, T-10D-7, T-20, S-20S-14, T-20, S-20S-15, S-19, T-20T-5, S-19, T-20S-15, D-11, T-19T-5, D-11, T-19S-15, S-B, T-18T-5, S-B, T-18S-15, D-14, T-17T-5, D-14, T-17S-15, D-17, T-15T-5, D-17, T-15S-15, D-20, T-13T-5, D-20, T-13S-15, T-18, S-BT-5, T-18, S-BS-15, T-20, S-19T-5, T-20, S-19D-8, D-9, T-20D-8, S-18, T-20D-8, T-6, T-20S-16, D-9, T-20S-16, S-18, T-20S-16, T-6, T-20D-8, T-7, T-19S-16, T-7, T-19D-8, D-12, T-18D-8, T-8, T-18S-16, D-12, T-18S-16, T-8, T-18D-8, T-9, T-17S-16, T-9, T-17D-8, D-15, T-16D-8, T-10, T-16S-16, D-15, T-16S-16, T-10, T-16D-8, T-11, T-15S-16, T-11, T-15D-8, D-18, T-14D-8, T-12, T-14S-16, D-18, T-14S-16, T-12, T-14D-8, T-13, T-13S-16, T-13, T-13D-8, T-14, T-12S-16, T-14, T-12D-8, T-15, T-11S-16, T-15, T-11D-8, T-16, T-10S-16, T-16, T-10D-8, T-17, T-9S-16, T-17, T-9D-8, T-18, T-8S-16, T-18, T-8D-8, T-19, T-7S-16, T-19, T-7D-8, T-20, S-18D-8, T-20, T-6S-16, T-20, S-18S-16, T-20, T-6S-17, S-17, T-20S-17, D-10, T-19S-17, S-20, T-19S-17, D-13, T-17S-17, D-16, T-15S-17, D-19, T-13S-17, D-B, T-9S-17, T-19, S-20S-17, T-20, S-17D-9, D-8, T-20D-9, S-16, T-20S-18, D-8, T-20S-18, S-16, T-20T-6, D-8, T-20T-6, S-16, T-20D-9, S-19, T-19S-18, S-19, T-19T-6, S-19, T-19D-9, D-11, T-18S-18, D-11, T-18T-6, D-11, T-18D-9, S-B, T-17S-18, S-B, T-17T-6, S-B, T-17D-9, D-14, T-16S-18, D-14, T-16T-6, D-14, T-16D-9, D-17, T-14S-18, D-17, T-14T-6, D-17, T-14D-9, D-20, T-12S-18, D-20, T-12T-6, D-20, T-12D-9, T-17, S-BS-18, T-17, S-BT-6, T-17, S-BD-9, T-19, S-19S-18, T-19, S-19T-6, T-19, S-19D-9, T-20, S-16S-18, T-20, S-16T-6, T-20, S-16S-19, S-15, T-20S-19, T-5, T-20S-19, D-9, T-19S-19, S-18, T-19S-19, T-6, T-19S-19, T-7, T-18S-19, D-12, T-17S-19, T-8, T-17S-19, T-9, T-16S-19, D-15, T-15S-19, T-10, T-15S-19, T-11, T-14S-19, D-18, T-13S-19, T-12, T-13S-19, T-13, T-12S-19, T-14, T-11S-19, T-15, T-10S-19, T-16, T-9S-19, D-B, S-BS-19, T-17, T-8S-19, T-18, T-7S-19, T-19, S-18S-19, T-19, T-6S-19, T-20, S-15S-19, T-20, T-5D-10, D-7, T-20D-10, S-14, T-20S-20, D-7, T-20S-20, S-14, T-20D-10, S-17, T-19S-20, S-17, T-19D-10, D-10, T-18D-10, S-20, T-18S-20, D-10, T-18S-20, S-20, T-18D-10, D-13, T-16S-20, D-13, T-16D-10, D-16, T-14S-20, D-16, T-14D-10, D-19, T-12S-20, D-19, T-12D-10, D-B, T-8S-20, D-B, T-8D-10, T-18, S-20S-20, T-18, S-20D-10, T-19, S-17S-20, T-19, S-17D-10, T-20, S-14S-20, T-20, S-14T-7, S-13, T-20T-7, D-8, T-19T-7, S-16, T-19T-7, S-19, T-18T-7, D-11, T-17T-7, S-B, T-16T-7, D-14, T-15T-7, D-17, T-13T-7, D-20, T-11T-7, T-16, S-BT-7, T-18, S-19T-7, T-19, S-16T-7, T-20, S-13D-11, D-6, T-20D-11, S-12, T-20D-11, T-4, T-20D-11, S-15, T-19D-11, T-5, T-19D-11, D-9, T-18D-11, S-18, T-18D-11, T-6, T-18D-11, T-7, T-17D-11, D-12, T-16D-11, T-8, T-16D-11, T-9, T-15D-11, D-15, T-14D-11, T-10, T-14D-11, T-11, T-13D-11, D-18, T-12D-11, T-12, T-12D-11, T-13, T-11D-11, T-14, T-10D-11, T-15, T-9D-11, T-16, T-8D-11, T-17, T-7D-11, T-18, S-18D-11, T-18, T-6D-11, T-19, S-15D-11, T-19, T-5D-11, T-20, S-12D-11, T-20, T-4D-12, D-5, T-20D-12, S-10, T-20T-8, D-5, T-20T-8, S-10, T-20D-12, S-13, T-19T-8, S-13, T-19D-12, D-8, T-18D-12, S-16, T-18T-8, D-8, T-18T-8, S-16, T-18D-12, S-19, T-17T-8, S-19, T-17D-12, D-11, T-16T-8, D-11, T-16D-12, S-B, T-15T-8, S-B, T-15D-12, D-14, T-14T-8, D-14, T-14D-12, D-17, T-12T-8, D-17, T-12D-12, D-20, T-10T-8, D-20, T-10D-12, T-15, S-BT-8, T-15, S-BD-12, D-B, S-20T-8, D-B, S-20D-12, T-17, S-19T-8, T-17, S-19D-12, T-18, S-16T-8, T-18, S-16D-12, T-19, S-13T-8, T-19, S-13D-12, T-20, S-10T-8, T-20, S-10S-B, S-9, T-20S-B, T-3, T-20S-B, D-6, T-19S-B, S-12, T-19S-B, T-4, T-19S-B, S-15, T-18S-B, T-5, T-18S-B, D-9, T-17S-B, S-18, T-17S-B, T-6, T-17S-B, T-7, T-16S-B, D-12, T-15S-B, T-8, T-15S-B, T-9, T-14S-B, D-15, T-13S-B, T-10, T-13S-B, T-11, T-12S-B, D-18, T-11S-B, T-12, T-11S-B, T-13, T-10S-B, T-14, T-9S-B, T-15, T-8S-B, T-16, T-7S-B, D-B, S-19S-B, T-17, S-18S-B, T-17, T-6S-B, T-18, S-15S-B, T-18, T-5S-B, T-19, S-12S-B, T-19, T-4S-B, T-20, S-9S-B, T-20, T-3D-13, D-4, T-20D-13, S-8, T-20D-13, S-11, T-19D-13, D-7, T-18D-13, S-14, T-18D-13, S-17, T-17D-13, D-10, T-16D-13, S-20, T-16D-13, D-13, T-14D-13, D-16, T-12D-13, D-19, T-10D-13, T-16, S-20D-13, D-B, S-18D-13, D-B, T-6D-13, T-17, S-17D-13, T-18, S-14D-13, T-19, S-11D-13, T-20, S-8T-9, S-7, T-20T-9, D-5, T-19T-9, S-10, T-19T-9, S-13, T-18T-9, D-8, T-17T-9, S-16, T-17T-9, S-19, T-16T-9, D-11, T-15T-9, S-B, T-14T-9, D-14, T-13T-9, D-17, T-11T-9, D-20, T-9T-9, T-14, S-BT-9, T-16, S-19T-9, D-B, S-17T-9, T-17, S-16T-9, T-18, S-13T-9, T-19, S-10T-9, T-20, S-7D-14, D-3, T-20D-14, S-6, T-20D-14, T-2, T-20D-14, S-9, T-19D-14, T-3, T-19D-14, D-6, T-18D-14, S-12, T-18D-14, T-4, T-18D-14, S-15, T-17D-14, T-5, T-17D-14, D-9, T-16D-14, S-18, T-16D-14, T-6, T-16D-14, T-7, T-15D-14, D-12, T-14D-14, T-8, T-14D-14, T-9, T-13D-14, D-15, T-12D-14, T-10, T-12D-14, T-11, T-11D-14, D-18, T-10D-14, T-12, T-10D-14, T-13, T-9D-14, T-14, T-8D-14, T-15, T-7D-14, T-16, S-18D-14, T-16, T-6D-14, D-B, S-16D-14, T-17, S-15D-14, T-17, T-5D-14, T-18, S-12D-14, T-18, T-4D-14, T-19, S-9D-14, T-19, T-3D-14, T-20, S-6D-14, T-20, T-2D-15, D-2, T-20D-15, S-4, T-20T-10, D-2, T-20T-10, S-4, T-20D-15, S-7, T-19T-10, S-7, T-19D-15, D-5, T-18D-15, S-10, T-18T-10, D-5, T-18T-10, S-10, T-18D-15, S-13, T-17T-10, S-13, T-17D-15, D-8, T-16D-15, S-16, T-16T-10, D-8, T-16T-10, S-16, T-16D-15, S-19, T-15T-10, S-19, T-15D-15, D-11, T-14T-10, D-11, T-14D-15, S-B, T-13T-10, S-B, T-13D-15, D-14, T-12T-10, D-14, T-12D-15, D-17, T-10T-10, D-17, T-10D-15, T-13, S-BT-10, T-13, S-BD-15, D-20, T-8T-10, D-20, T-8D-15, T-15, S-19T-10, T-15, S-19D-15, T-16, S-16T-10, T-16, S-16D-15, D-B, S-14T-10, D-B, S-14D-15, T-17, S-13T-10, T-17, S-13D-15, T-18, S-10T-10, T-18, S-10D-15, T-19, S-7T-10, T-19, S-7D-15, T-20, S-4T-10, T-20, S-4D-16, D-1, T-20D-16, S-2, T-20D-16, S-5, T-19D-16, D-4, T-18D-16, S-8, T-18D-16, S-11, T-17D-16, D-7, T-16D-16, S-14, T-16D-16, S-17, T-15D-16, D-10, T-14D-16, S-20, T-14D-16, D-13, T-12D-16, D-16, T-10D-16, D-19, T-8D-16, T-14, S-20D-16, T-15, S-17D-16, T-16, S-14D-16, D-B, S-12D-16, D-B, T-4D-16, T-17, S-11D-16, T-18, S-8D-16, T-19, S-5D-16, T-20, S-2T-11, S-1, T-20T-11, D-2, T-19T-11, S-4, T-19T-11, S-7, T-18T-11, D-5, T-17T-11, S-10, T-17T-11, S-13, T-16T-11, D-8, T-15T-11, S-16, T-15T-11, S-19, T-14T-11, D-11, T-13T-11, S-B, T-12T-11, D-14, T-11T-11, D-17, T-9T-11, D-18, S-BT-11, T-12, S-BT-11, D-20, T-7T-11, T-14, S-19T-11, T-15, S-16T-11, T-16, S-13T-11, D-B, S-11T-11, T-17, S-10T-11, T-18, S-7T-11, T-19, S-4T-11, T-20, S-1D-17, S-3, T-19D-17, T-1, T-19D-17, D-3, T-18D-17, S-6, T-18D-17, T-2, T-18D-17, S-9, T-17D-17, T-3, T-17D-17, D-6, T-16D-17, S-12, T-16D-17, T-4, T-16D-17, S-15, T-15D-17, T-5, T-15D-17, D-9, T-14D-17, S-18, T-14D-17, T-6, T-14D-17, T-7, T-13D-17, D-12, T-12D-17, T-8, T-12D-17, T-9, T-11D-17, D-15, T-10D-17, T-10, T-10D-17, T-11, T-9D-17, D-18, T-8D-17, T-12, T-8D-17, T-13, T-7D-17, D-20, S-20D-17, T-14, S-18D-17, T-14, T-6D-17, T-15, S-15D-17, T-15, T-5D-17, T-16, S-12D-17, T-16, T-4D-17, D-B, S-10D-17, T-17, S-9D-17, T-17, T-3D-17, T-18, S-6D-17, T-18, T-2D-17, T-19, S-3D-17, T-19, T-1D-18, S-1, T-19T-12, S-1, T-19D-18, D-2, T-18D-18, S-4, T-18T-12, D-2, T-18T-12, S-4, T-18D-18, S-7, T-17T-12, S-7, T-17D-18, D-5, T-16D-18, S-10, T-16T-12, D-5, T-16T-12, S-10, T-16D-18, S-13, T-15T-12, S-13, T-15D-18, D-8, T-14D-18, S-16, T-14T-12, D-8, T-14T-12, S-16, T-14D-18, S-19, T-13T-12, S-19, T-13D-18, D-11, T-12T-12, D-11, T-12D-18, S-B, T-11T-12, S-B, T-11D-18, D-14, T-10T-12, D-14, T-10D-18, T-11, S-BT-12, T-11, S-BD-18, D-17, T-8T-12, D-17, T-8D-18, D-19, S-20T-12, D-19, S-20D-18, T-13, S-19T-12, T-13, S-19D-18, D-20, S-18D-18, D-20, T-6T-12, D-20, S-18T-12, D-20, T-6D-18, T-14, S-16T-12, T-14, S-16D-18, T-15, S-13T-12, T-15, S-13D-18, T-16, S-10T-12, T-16, S-10D-18, D-B, S-8T-12, D-B, S-8D-18, T-17, S-7T-12, T-17, S-7D-18, T-18, S-4T-12, T-18, S-4D-18, T-19, S-1T-12, T-19, S-1D-19, D-1, T-18D-19, S-2, T-18D-19, S-5, T-17D-19, D-4, T-16D-19, S-8, T-16D-19, S-11, T-15D-19, D-7, T-14D-19, S-14, T-14D-19, S-17, T-13D-19, D-10, T-12D-19, S-20, T-12D-19, D-13, T-10D-19, D-16, T-8D-19, D-18, S-20D-19, T-12, S-20D-19, D-19, S-18D-19, D-19, T-6D-19, T-13, S-17D-19, D-20, S-16D-19, T-14, S-14D-19, T-15, S-11D-19, T-16, S-8D-19, D-B, S-6D-19, D-B, T-2D-19, T-17, S-5D-19, T-18, S-2T-13, S-1, T-18T-13, D-2, T-17T-13, S-4, T-17T-13, S-7, T-16T-13, D-5, T-15T-13, S-10, T-15T-13, S-13, T-14T-13, D-8, T-13T-13, S-16, T-13T-13, S-19, T-12T-13, D-11, T-11T-13, S-B, T-10T-13, D-14, T-9T-13, D-15, S-BT-13, T-10, S-BT-13, D-17, T-7T-13, D-18, S-19T-13, T-12, S-19T-13, D-19, S-17T-13, T-13, S-16T-13, D-20, S-15T-13, D-20, T-5T-13, T-14, S-13T-13, T-15, S-10T-13, T-16, S-7T-13, D-B, S-5T-13, T-17, S-4T-13, T-18, S-1D-20, S-3, T-17D-20, T-1, T-17D-20, D-3, T-16D-20, S-6, T-16D-20, T-2, T-16D-20, S-9, T-15D-20, T-3, T-15D-20, D-6, T-14D-20, S-12, T-14D-20, T-4, T-14D-20, S-15, T-13D-20, T-5, T-13D-20, D-9, T-12D-20, S-18, T-12D-20, T-6, T-12D-20, T-7, T-11D-20, D-12, T-10D-20, T-8, T-10D-20, T-9, T-9D-20, D-15, T-8D-20, T-10, T-8D-20, T-11, T-7D-20, D-17, S-20D-20, D-18, S-18D-20, D-18, T-6D-20, T-12, S-18D-20, T-12, T-6D-20, D-19, S-16D-20, T-13, S-15D-20, T-13, T-5D-20, D-20, S-14D-20, T-14, S-12D-20, T-14, T-4D-20, T-15, S-9D-20, T-15, T-3D-20, T-16, S-6D-20, T-16, T-2D-20, D-B, S-4D-20, T-17, S-3D-20, T-17, T-1T-14, S-1, T-17T-14, D-2, T-16T-14, S-4, T-16T-14, S-7, T-15T-14, D-5, T-14T-14, S-10, T-14T-14, S-13, T-13T-14, D-8, T-12T-14, S-16, T-12T-14, S-19, T-11T-14, D-11, T-10T-14, S-B, T-9T-14, T-9, S-BT-14, D-14, T-8T-14, D-16, S-20T-14, T-11, S-19T-14, D-17, S-18T-14, D-17, T-6T-14, D-18, S-16T-14, T-12, S-16T-14, D-19, S-14T-14, T-13, S-13T-14, D-20, S-12T-14, D-20, T-4T-14, T-14, S-10T-14, T-15, S-7T-14, T-16, S-4T-14, D-B, S-2T-14, T-17, S-1T-15, S-1, T-16T-15, D-2, T-15T-15, S-4, T-15T-15, S-7, T-14T-15, D-5, T-13T-15, S-10, T-13T-15, S-13, T-12T-15, D-8, T-11T-15, S-16, T-11T-15, S-19, T-10T-15, D-11, T-9T-15, D-12, S-BT-15, T-8, S-BT-15, S-B, T-8T-15, D-14, T-7T-15, D-15, S-19T-15, T-10, S-19T-15, D-16, S-17T-15, T-11, S-16T-15, D-17, S-15T-15, D-17, T-5T-15, D-18, S-13T-15, T-12, S-13T-15, D-19, S-11T-15, T-13, S-10T-15, D-20, S-9T-15, D-20, T-3T-15, T-14, S-7T-15, T-15, S-4T-15, T-16, S-1T-16, S-1, T-15T-16, D-2, T-14T-16, S-4, T-14T-16, S-7, T-13T-16, D-5, T-12T-16, S-10, T-12T-16, S-13, T-11T-16, D-8, T-10T-16, S-16, T-10T-16, S-19, T-9T-16, T-7, S-BT-16, D-11, T-8T-16, S-B, T-7T-16, D-13, S-20T-16, T-9, S-19T-16, D-14, S-18T-16, D-14, T-6T-16, D-15, S-16T-16, T-10, S-16T-16, D-16, S-14T-16, T-11, S-13T-16, D-17, S-12T-16, D-17, T-4T-16, D-18, S-10T-16, T-12, S-10T-16, D-19, S-8T-16, T-13, S-7T-16, D-20, S-6T-16, D-20, T-2T-16, T-14, S-4T-16, T-15, S-1D-B, D-1, T-14D-B, S-2, T-14D-B, S-5, T-13D-B, D-4, T-12D-B, S-8, T-12D-B, S-11, T-11D-B, D-7, T-10D-B, S-14, T-10D-B, S-17, T-9D-B, S-19, S-BD-B, D-10, T-8D-B, S-20, T-8D-B, D-12, S-20D-B, T-8, S-20D-B, S-B, S-19D-B, D-13, S-18D-B, D-13, T-6D-B, T-9, S-17D-B, D-14, S-16D-B, D-15, S-14D-B, T-10, S-14D-B, D-16, S-12D-B, D-16, T-4D-B, T-11, S-11D-B, D-17, S-10D-B, D-18, S-8D-B, T-12, S-8D-B, D-19, S-6D-B, D-19, T-2D-B, T-13, S-5D-B, D-20, S-4D-B, T-14, S-2T-17, S-1, T-14T-17, D-2, T-13T-17, S-4, T-13T-17, S-7, T-12T-17, D-5, T-11T-17, S-10, T-11T-17, S-13, T-10T-17, D-8, T-9T-17, S-16, T-9T-17, D-9, S-BT-17, S-18, S-BT-17, T-6, S-BT-17, S-19, T-8T-17, D-11, T-7T-17, D-12, S-19T-17, T-8, S-19T-17, S-B, S-18T-17, S-B, T-6T-17, D-13, S-17T-17, T-9, S-16T-17, D-14, S-15T-17, D-14, T-5T-17, D-15, S-13T-17, T-10, S-13T-17, D-16, S-11T-17, T-11, S-10T-17, D-17, S-9T-17, D-17, T-3T-17, D-18, S-7T-17, T-12, S-7T-17, D-19, S-5T-17, T-13, S-4T-17, D-20, S-3T-17, D-20, T-1T-17, T-14, S-1T-18, S-1, T-13T-18, D-2, T-12T-18, S-4, T-12T-18, S-7, T-11T-18, D-5, T-10T-18, S-10, T-10T-18, S-13, T-9T-18, S-15, S-BT-18, T-5, S-BT-18, D-8, T-8T-18, S-16, T-8T-18, S-19, T-7T-18, D-10, S-20T-18, S-20, S-20T-18, T-7, S-19T-18, D-11, S-18T-18, D-11, T-6T-18, D-12, S-16T-18, T-8, S-16T-18, S-B, S-15T-18, S-B, T-5T-18, D-13, S-14T-18, T-9, S-13T-18, D-14, S-12T-18, D-14, T-4T-18, D-15, S-10T-18, T-10, S-10T-18, D-16, S-8T-18, T-11, S-7T-18, D-17, S-6T-18, D-17, T-2T-18, D-18, S-4T-18, T-12, S-4T-18, D-19, S-2T-18, T-13, S-1T-19, S-1, T-12T-19, D-2, T-11T-19, S-4, T-11T-19, S-7, T-10T-19, D-5, T-9T-19, S-10, T-9T-19, D-6, S-BT-19, S-12, S-BT-19, T-4, S-BT-19, S-13, T-8T-19, D-8, T-7T-19, S-16, T-7T-19, S-17, S-20T-19, D-9, S-19T-19, S-18, S-19T-19, T-6, S-19T-19, S-19, S-18T-19, S-19, T-6T-19, D-10, S-17T-19, S-20, S-17T-19, T-7, S-16T-19, D-11, S-15T-19, D-11, T-5T-19, D-12, S-13T-19, T-8, S-13T-19, S-B, S-12T-19, S-B, T-4T-19, D-13, S-11T-19, T-9, S-10T-19, D-14, S-9T-19, D-14, T-3T-19, D-15, S-7T-19, T-10, S-7T-19, D-16, S-5T-19, T-11, S-4T-19, D-17, S-3T-19, D-17, T-1T-19, D-18, S-1T-19, T-12, S-1T-20, S-1, T-11T-20, D-2, T-10T-20, S-4, T-10T-20, S-7, T-9T-20, S-9, S-BT-20, T-3, S-BT-20, D-5, T-8T-20, S-10, T-8T-20, S-13, T-7T-20, D-7, S-20T-20, S-14, S-20T-20, S-15, S-19T-20, T-5, S-19T-20, D-8, S-18T-20, D-8, T-6T-20, S-16, S-18T-20, S-16, T-6T-20, S-17, S-17T-20, D-9, S-16T-20, S-18, S-16T-20, T-6, S-16T-20, S-19, S-15T-20, S-19, T-5T-20, D-10, S-14T-20, S-20, S-14T-20, T-7, S-13T-20, D-11, S-12T-20, D-11, T-4T-20, D-12, S-10T-20, T-8, S-10T-20, S-B, S-9T-20, S-B, T-3T-20, D-13, S-8T-20, T-9, S-7T-20, D-14, S-6T-20, D-14, T-2T-20, D-15, S-4T-20, T-10, S-4T-20, D-16, S-2T-20, T-11, S-1

If 30 percent of r is equal to 75 percent of s what is 50 percent of s if r equals 30?

r = 30 30% of r = 30% of 30 = 9 so 9 is 75% of s so s = 12 so 50% of s = 50% of 12 = 6