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(12ft x 12ft) square =144 sq ft. 12ft x (12 ft square) is 1728 cu ft.

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What is the total area of a 6ft deck surrounding a pool 20ft long by 12ft wide?

Valerie is installing a 20ft by 12ft swimming pool surrounded by a 6ft deck. What is the total area of the deck?

What is the square footage of a room that is 12x20?

assuming that you've measured the room in feet, then square area=Width x Length... so 12ft x 20ft = 240ft2

How do you get the square footage of a block wall that 20ft x 20ft long x 12ft x 12ft wide x 3ft high?

The description is of a wall in 5-dimensional hyperspace rather than the 3 dimensional ordinary space that we, mere mortals, know. In other words, there are too many measurements. A wall can be 20 ft long, but it cannot be 20 ft x 20 ft long. And so on.

How many cubic feet in a 20x12 ft?

20ft x 12ft is 240 *square* feet. In order to get cubic feet, three dimensions are necessary.

How many meters squared is 22ftx20ft?

1ft = 0.3048m (exactly) ⇒ 22ft x 20ft = (22 x 0.3048m) x (20 x 0.3048m) ~= 40.88m2

How do you determine pool gallons?

volume- height x width x length Volume x 7.48= pool gallons Example- 12ft x 20ft,4ft wall 12 x 20 x 4= Volume x 7.48 = 5700 gallons

How many sq feet is 12 x 12?

12ft x 12ft =144 ft2

What is 14ft x 12ft in square meters?

14ft x 12ft = 168 sq ft = 15.6 m2

If a room is 12ft by 12ft 6 inches convert into mete squared?

12' x 12'6" = 151.2 square feet. 1 square foot is 0.09290304 square meters. Total area in square meters therefore 14.0469

How many yards is in 12ft x 12ft?

It is: 4 times 4 = 16 square yards

Is cos squared x the same as cos x squared?

No. Cos squared x is not the same as cos x squared. Cos squared x means cos (x) times cos (x) Cos x squared means cos (x squared)

How many square feet o carpet do you need to buy if you have 3 rooms that are 12ft by 12ft and 2 rooms that are 15ft by 20ft?

= (3 rooms X 12 ft X 12 ft) + (2 rooms X 15 ft X 20 ft) = (3 X 144 ft^2) + (2 X 300 ft^2) = (432 + 600) ft^2 = 1032 square ft OR you can write this as 1032 ft^2, which is just feet raised to the second power.

What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 20ft?

The circumference of a circle with a radius of 20ft is: 125.7 feet (radius x 2 x pi = circumference).

How many square ft are in a 12 x 12 ft square?

12ft * 12ft = 144sqft Answer: 144

How many square feet is a room 12 x 12?

There are: 12ft*12ft = 144 square feet

What is the perimeter of a 12ft square?

A square has 4 equal sides, so 4 x 12ft = 48ft

3x squared - x squared?

3x squared - x squared = 2x squared

How much will a carpet cost that is 20ft x 14ft at 3.00 a yard?

20ft X 14ft = 280 sq ft /9 = 31.11sq yds X $3.00 = $93.33

What is x squared multiplied by x squared?

(X2) (X2) = X4 x squared multiplied by x squared is x raised to the 4th power.

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