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It is 15 84/100 whose fractional part can be simplified. However, simplification could mean that you lose information about the precision.

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Q: What is 15.84 to a mixed fraction?
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What are examples of mixed fraction?

A mixed fraction is another way of writing fractions. Mixed fractions include a whole number and a fraction. For example, 2-1/2 is a mixed fraction. But it's equivalent value 5/2 is not a mixed fraction but an improper fraction.

What is 175 as a decimal and a mixed fraction?

175: as a decimal = 175.0 as a mixed fraction = Ideally, it can't be converted into a mixed fraction.

How do you times a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Convert the mixed fraction to an improper fraction, multiply by the whole number, convert the answer back to a mixed fraction (if required).

What consists of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed numberThis is called a mixed number or mixed fraction.

When an improper fraction is written as a combination of a whole and a proper fraction what it is called?

It is called a mixed number or a mixed fraction.

What is 98 as a mixed fraction?

98 is an integer and there is no sensible way of representing it as a mixed fraction.

A number containing a whole number and a fraction?

mixed numbers

What is the number containing a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed number

What is 0.714285 as a mixed fraction?

0.714285 does not convert to a mixed fraction, just a fraction. It is: 142857/200000

What is the sum of an integer and a fraction?

It is a fraction - which may be mixed or proper.

What is 1.875 in its simplest form as a fraction or mixed number?

mixed fraction

How do you Convert into a mixed fraction?

The answer depends on what you wish to convert into a mixed fraction.