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Q: What is 15 to the third power over 15 to the second power in simplest form?
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What is One third to the fourth power as a fraction in simplest form?

It is 1/81.

What is a to the third power over a to the second power in simplest form?

As long as they have the same base (in this case a), to divide you just subtract the exponents. a3 ÷ a2 = a(3-2) = a

What is one third in simplest form?

One third is already in it's simplest form.

What is 24N to the second power over 28N in simplest form?


What is one third in its simplest form?

1/3 is the simplest form.

What is the standard form for 5 to the third times 10 to the second power. need an ans now?


What is the simplest form for four over three?

The simplest form for four thirds is one and one third.

What is one and one third in simplest form?

1 and 1/3 is in its simplest form.

What is two third of one third in simplest form?


What is the simplest form of three and one third?


Is one third in simplest form?


What is the square root of 5c to the 5th power over 4d to the fifth power simplest form?

C squared times the square root of 5cd over 2 times d to the third power

What is the 3rd form of listen?

Listen is a regular verb so the second form and the third form are the same = listened

What is one third plus one third in simplest form?

Two thirds.

Will a Pokemon evolve into its third form if you keep it in its first form past the level it evolves to its second form?

No, it has to evolve into it's second form before it evolves into it's third form.

What is 3 ninths in its simplest form?

It is one third.

What is the second and third form of leave?


What is two thirds to the second power times two thirds to the sixth power?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/32 x 2/36 = 256/6561

What is an expression of the form five to the third power?

Five to the third power can be written 53

What is the simplest form for nine twenty sevenths?

One third.

What is eight over twelve in simplest form?

one third

What is two sixths written in simplest form?

one third.

What is seven twenty firsts in simplest form?


What is 1 and 1 third in simplest form?


What is 9 twenty sevemths in simplest form?

One third