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2,4,8 (1 and 16 are divisors too, but the number and 1 are always divisors)

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Q: What is 16's Divisors?
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What is 16s plus 4s?

16s + 4s = 20s

What are two divisors of 293?

293 only has two divisors because it is a prime number. The divisors are 1 and 293.

How do you use divisors?

Divisors are used to divide numbers.

What is 16S rRNA gene?

Ribosomal 16S RNA found in the bacteria and small microorganisms prokaryotic cells and the subunit is 30S.

How many divisors does 2835?

2,835 has 20 divisors.

How many divisors does 2012 have?

Six divisors for 2012.

What is the sum of the divisors of 1034?

Sum of divisors: 1728.

What is the sum of the divisors of 1211?

Sum of divisors: 1,392.

What is the sum of the divisors of 556?

Sum of divisors: 980.

What is the sum of the divisors of 36?

Sum of divisors = 91.

How many Divisors does 136 have?

136 has eight divisors.

What are the divisors of 66?

The divisors of 66 are 1,2,3,6,11,22,33 and 66.

How many divisors of twelve?

12 has six divisors.

How many divisors does 100000 have?

100,000 has 36 divisors.

How many divisors does 320 have?

320 has 14 divisors.

How many divisors are there in 600?

600 has 24 divisors.

How many divisors in 84?

84 has 12 divisors.

What are the divisors of 6?

the divisors of 6 are: 1,2,3, and 6.

Divisors of 60?

1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,and 15 are divisors of 60.

How many divisors does 168 have?

168 has 16 divisors.

What are the divisors if 7?

2 divisors: 1, 7

Is 16s plus 20t 4(s plus t) correct?

No because 16s+20t when factored is 4(4s+5t)

What is persistance of vision?

The power of the vision.It is 1/16s in all human being.A oject will seen between 1/16s,that will be seen only like a visible light.If a object seen after 1/16s,we can understood that,what was the object saw I before?

What is the sum of the divisors of 130?

Sum of divisors of 130 = 252.

Are the factors of a number also divisors?

Yes, factors are divisors.