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16/36 = 4/9

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Q: What is 1636 simplified?
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What is fraction 1636 simplified?

16/36 = 4/9

Was Rhode Island founded in 1635 or 1636?

It was 1636

What is 75 of 1636?

If you mean 75% of 1636 then it is 1227

What is 4908 divided by 3?


Why does Rhode Island have 1636 on its seal?

because it was established in 1636.

When was Rhode Island settled?

In 1636.Settlement began in 1636.

Who was the founder of Rhode Island in 1636?

The founder of Rhode Island was Roger Williams in 1636.

Harvard college was created in 1636?

True. Harvard College was founded in 1636 in Cambridge.

What happen in 1636?

# The capital of Connecticut, Hartford, was settled by Thomas Hooker in 1636.

Who left Massachusetts in 1636 to help found Connecticut?

Who left Massachusetts in 1636 to help found Connecticut?

What was Rhode Islands daily lifestyle like in 1636?

In 1636 Rhode Island was barren land. No one lived there.

Famous people in rhode island in 1636?

The most important person in 1636 was Roger William

What people where in Rhode Island in 1636?

well people think that the puritans had entered rhode island in the year of about 1636-1639.

What is the greatest common factor of 48 and 1636?

Factors of 1636: 1 2 4 409 818 1636Factors of 48: 1 2 3 4 6 8 12 16 24 48 The GCF of 1636 and 48 is 4

What nationalities were in Rhode Island 1636?

English and English only. That is if you only count Europeans. Many Narragansett called it home in 1636.

Why was Vermont founded?


When was Harvard founded?


When was Connecticut discovered?


When did Harvard start?


When Does Violin Born?


When was connecticcut founded?


Which Boston University was founded in 1636?


When did Rhode Island begin?

As a Colony in 1636 and as a state in 1790.May 29th, 1790, is when it became a state. The colony was started in 1636.

Did Connecticut have freedom of religion in 1636?

Connecticut was not a state in 1636. It became a state in 1788 What he was trying to say, was yes. they did.

What was the first college in the United States?

Harvard College, founded 1636 in Cambridge , Massachusetts was the first in what later became the US. Harvard. Founded 1636.