What is 164.38 in expend form?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is 164.38 in expend form?
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What county is zip code 16438 in?

Union City, PA

How do you spell 16438 in word form?

sixteen thousand, four hundred and thirty-eight

What is expenditure in verb form?

Expend/expends is the verb form.

Is endocytocsis a form of passive transport?

No. Endocytosis requires the cell to expend energy, therefore it is a form of active transport.

Does chemiosmosis expend energy?

Does chemiosmosis expend energy

What is the opposite of expend?

The opposite of expend (use) is to conserve, save, or husband.

How do you use expend in a sentence?

Expend is a verb which means to use up or consume. Sedentary office workers do not expend much physical energy on the job.

What the root word for expenditure?

The root word of expenditure is expend. oh ya

What is the noun for expend?

The noun forms of the verb to expend are expender, expenditure, and the gerund, expending.

How do you write a sentence with the word expend?

Try not to expend all of your energy during the early laps [of a race].

Is it true that work is the rate at which you expend energy?

Yes ^that's not true. Actually work is not the rate at which you expend energy.

What does not expend energy?

Active Transport