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Q: What is 16 in number words?
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What is the only prime number that has a factor of 16?

Small words make a difference. No prime number "has" a factor of 16. But 2 is the only prime number that "is" a factor of 16.

Is 16 a deficient number?

16 is not a deficent number because it is a abundant number

Is the 16-digit number the account number?

yes 16 digit number

What is 16 over 1 as a mixed number?

16/1 = 16, a whole number.

What is the answer to -5 plus -11?


What is number 16 in pokedex?

In Sapphire, number 16 is Beautifly.

What is 16-7 as a mixed number?

16-7 as a mixed number = 9

Is 16 a lucky number?

yes 16 is a lucky number. :)

What is one factor of 16?

Here are some factors of 16:1,2,4,8,16.A factor of a number is a number that when you multiply it with a number it will equal the other number for example 1 is a factor of 16 because 16x1=16.

To the nearest number what is the mean number of letters per word in this sentence?

4. (67 letters divided by 16 words = 4.4667 letters per word.)

What are some 16 letter words?

Absentmindedness and misappropriation are words. They contain 16 letters.

Is the square root 16 a whole number or the opposite of a whole number?

The square root of 16 is 4 which is a whole number.

What is a number times a number that equals 256?

16*16 = 256

What number is divisible by 16?

All multiples of 16, which is an infinite number.

What element has atomic number of 16?

Sulphur has atomic number 16.

What are things related to the number 16?

tom relates to the number 16

Write 16 as an ordinal number?

The ordinal number of 16 is 16th

What do you call a 16 digit number?

a Quadrillion is a 16 digit number

What is the number of neutrons in the number 16 of the periodic table?

The element with atomic number 16 is sulphur and for S-32 isotope, there are 16 neutrons.

What is 17 over 16 as a mixed number?

17 over 16 as a mixed number = 11/16

What is 33 over 16 as a mixed number?

33 over 16 as a mixed number = 21/16

What are the whole number factors of number 16?

The factors of 16 are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.

four divided by a number equals 1/16 times that number?

16/5 or 3 1/5

What is 3 30 16 16 16 16?

It is a number sequence.

What percentage of 96 is 16?

16 is 16.75 percent of the number 96. The number 96 is a composite number not a prime number.