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16 to 8 in simplest form is 2 to 1.

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Q: What is 16 to 8 in ratio simplest form?
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What is the ratio of 8 to 16 in simplest form?

1 to 2

How do you write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form in two ways for 8 to 16?

1::2 is the simplest form...

What is the ratio of 3 to 8 in simplest form?

3/8 is in its simplest form.

What is the ratio in simplest form 50 to 80?

It is 5 to 8 in its simplest form

8 percent as a ratio in its simplest form?


What is the simplest form of 400250 as a ratio?


What is the simplest form of 16 90?

The simplest form of 16/90 is 8/45

What is ratio 8 out of 15 in simpilist form?

8:15 is already in simplest form.

What is 13.89 over 8 in simplest ratio?

13.89/8 = 1389/800 is the simplest form.

What is 8 16th in simplest form?

8/16 in its simplest form is 1/2

What is the ratio of 23 and 8 in simplest form?

It is already in its simplest form because 23 is a prime number. __________________________________ It is 23/8

What is the ratio of 8 to 6?

The simplest form of the ratio 6:8 is 3:4