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16/20 is equal to 0.8

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Q: What is 16 twentyths as a decimal?
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What is the decimal of five twentyths?


What is 9 twentyths as a decimal?


What is 19 twentyths as a decimal?

It is 0.76

How do you turn eleven twentyths into a decimal?

Multiply by 5 0.55

What is seven twentyths as a decimal and a percent?

Seven twentieths is 0.35 or 35%

How do you make the fraction three and nine twentyths into a decimal number?


What is the decimal three twentyths?

3/25 = 12/100 = 0.12

What is 3 twentyths in decimal form?

1 twentieth is 0.05 in decimal form, therefore 3 twentieths equals 0.15 in decimal form.

Is 16 twentyths greater that or less than 9 thirteenths?


What is 0.45 less than or greater than nine twentyths?

They are both the same because 9/20 = 0.45 as a decimal

What is 14 twentyths -3 fifths?

14 twentyths -3 fifths = 11

What is the percent for three twentyths?