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When you're trying to find decimals of a number take a look at two major parts of the problem - the whole number and the denominator.

Our whole number in this problem is 17. So we know that what ever our decimal is going to come to it's going to be 17 point something something something. So we can write 17 down.

Now we want to take a look at our denominator (bottom number of a fraction). In this scenario our denominator is 50.

Well whole numbers are based over 100. (If we look at .99 + .1 we result in 1.00) So we want to get our denominator over a 100. Just like in algebra, what ever we do to the denominator we must do the exact same to the numerator.

50 x 2 = 100

37 x 2 = 74

We now we have 17 and 74/100.

Lastly we look at the place value of our fraction. You use the denominator to denote place value. Since ours is over 100 we know that our decimal will look like:


Earlier we found that our whole number, 17, will be the first number in our decimal, so we can plug this in.

17.00, now we need to add our numerator into the decimal.

17 + .74 = 17.74.

So we result in our converted fraction. The decimal for a fractions that is 17 and 37/50 is 17.74.

Check Your Work

We can also take our decimal and break it back up into our original fraction to check that our solution is correct.

Let's go ahead and identify the parts of our decimal.

17 . 74

In the bold section we have the whole number (17)

In the underlined section we have our decimal

In our italics section we have our numerator & place value.

Since a whole number is both the same for a decimal as it is for a fraction we know what our fractions whole number is. 17.

17 and _____

Now we take a look at our italics section. We have our numerator, being the actual number itself. 74.

17 and 74/___

We need to figure our what number to place our fraction over. We take a look at the place value. The 7 in 74 is in the tenthsplace and the 4 is in the hundredths place. So this tells us our fraction will be over 100.

17 and 74/100.

Of course this correct, however, it is not simplied. We used 2 to multiply the fraction earlier to get it over 100. Now we can do the inverse operation, or division to get back to the original number.

17 and 74÷2 and 100÷2 = 17 and 37/50.

So our decimal is correct at 17.74.

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Q: What is 17 and 37 over 50 changed into a decimal?
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