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Assuming this is the answer to a division sum, that depends entirely what the divisor of the sum is.

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Q: What is 19 remainder 3 written as a fraction?
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How is 6.33333333 written as a fraction?


What are the steps in improper fraction to mixed number?

Divide out with remainder. say you have 19/8, divide 19 by 8 = 2 rem. 3 = 2 3/8

What is the proper fraction of nineteen fifths?

19/5 = 34/5 To convert an improper (top heavy) fraction to a mixed number divide the numerator (top) by the denominator (bottom) to give a quotient (result) and remainder. Write the whole number quotient next to the remainder over the denominator. 19 ÷ 5 = 3 remainder 4 ⇒ 19/5 = 34/5

How do you write 19.6 as a fraction?

19.6 written as a fraction is 19 and 3/5 or 98/5

What is 3 over 19 simplified?

19/3 can't be simplified any further as a fraction, but it can be written as the mixed number 61/3 .

How do you change a improper fraction to a proper fraction?

Example 19/8You divide the denominator (bottom number) in to the numerator (top number) 19/8 so 8 into 19 is 2 and your remainder, 3, is the remaining numerator and 8 will still be yourdenominator, like before.19/8 = 2 3/8

How many times six onto 19?

3 times with a remainder of 1

How many times will 3 go into 19?

6 times with a remainder of 1

What is a remainder?

A remainder is the fraction left over as a result of dividing an uneven number. 52 ÷ 3 = 17 with a remainder of 1/3.

What is the remainder when you divide 58 by 3?

58 divided by 3 is 19 with remainder 1

What kind of number is 2 over 3?

it is a proper fraction because the numerator (the top number) is smaller than the bottom number the denominator (the bottom number) therefore making the fraction less than one. An improper fraction is a fraction where the numerator is greater than the denomenator making it more than one. You can change an improper fraction to a mixed number. The way you do this is if you start with 19 over 4 you divide 19 by 4 (19/4=4 remainder 3) then put the remainder (if there is one) over the number you divided by (4) and in this case you get 3 over 4. Then put the fraction next to the whole number (4 and 3 over 4)and that is your answer.

What is the quotient and remainder when 75 is divided by 19?