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19 mph is approximately 0.1 mps

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2016-07-08 00:33:19
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Q: What is 19mph rounded to the nearest hundredth of a second?
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How fast is 4.24 sec in the 40 yard dash in mph?


How fast is a German shepherd?

the fastest German shepherd runs 19mph

What the is the speed of a trex?

Some scientists have estimated the running speed of a T rex at rughly 19mph.

How fast does a mini bike warrior wr65 196cc go?

The Tractor Supply website lists 15-19MPH

What is the fastest venomous snake in the world?

The black momba. It's the fastest of all the snakes and can move up to 19mph. -JZ

How fast do rat terriers run?

My wife and I clocked in our female Rat Terrier at 19mph at what seemed to be her fastest speed. At the time she was almost 3 years old and was chasing a cottontail rabbit.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in cuba?

The lowest temperature EVER recorded in Cuba was 0.6 degrees Celsius (32 F) in Baiona at freezing point ,and with winds of 19mph it would feel like -1 degrees Celsius (30 F).-coldest temperature ever recorded in the Caribbean.The hottest temp. was in Santiago de Cuba at 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) with humidity it must feel like 42 degrees Celsius (107-108 F).The second hottest temperature recorded in the Caribbean.Next to 42.7 degrees Celsius (107-109 F). HOPE THAT HELPED B.D.

How do you fix speedometer on Honda 1997 accord?

It's a common problem. If it's staying at 19mph all the time, the speedo head is bad. It's common for some solder points to come undone. If you know how to solder, you could do that. If your cruise control doesn't work and your speedo doesn't work, it's your VSS. It's by the trans and really easy to change. Hope this helps.

How many calories does a person burn on a 5 mike bike ride?

depends on quite a bit of factors such as terrain, pace, time, weight, height, metabolism temperature etc . Heres a generic chart for typical calories per hour burned first colum is the type of cycleing then the second set is persons weight in lbs 130,155,180,205 Cycling, <10mph, leisure bicycling236 281 327 372 Cycling, 10-11.9mph, light354 422 490 558 Cycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate472 563 654 745 Cycling, 14-15.9mph, vigorous590 704 817 931 Cycling, 16-19mph, very fast, racing708 844 981 1117 Cycling, mountain bike, bmx502 598 695 791

Who is faster a dog or cat?

CatIt depends on what breed of dog, but most cats run faster. The average speed for a dog is 19mph, with dogs in the Greyhound family reaching 40 - 45mph. Most cats can reach 30mph while running.A cat is fasterA dog should run faster but it depends on what breedDepends on the breed and size of the dog and of the cat. Normally, dogs run faster, but the cats can easily climb a tree, wall, and escape. For short distance, cats are faster than dogs.Most dogs can outrun a cat but cats are more agile and can usually get away.

Ohio minor speeding ticket in a 20 mph school zone 19mph over?

19 miles over the speed limit is hardly a "minor ticket"; that is more of a major violation. If you are referring to a minor who got such a speeding ticket, better they learn now not to drive so fast, in a school zone. A stiff fine with points can be very educational, that way. I'm a 17 year old driver and I've had my license well over a year and a half. I just got my first speeding ticket going 20 over on the highway. I wasn't too worried when I went to court, I figured i was just going to get a slap on the hand and pay a large fine. Everyone told me I would get off easily. I ended up having to pay a total of $113, take 4 DRIVE ALIVE classes, and my license was suspended for 28 days with no driving rights. It honestly depends what kind of judge you get and how he or she is feeliing that day. My advice expect the worst and maybe you'll get luckier than what I did. I learned my lesson.

1998 Sienna LE without a manual and need to know what the light next to the ABS means?

It is a "Low tire pressure warning lamp." The reset button for it is on the left side below the dash and left of the steering column. The instructions in the owners manual is as follows. "This light warns that the tire pressure of any one of the tires is critically reduced. The light comes on when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position. It goes off after about 3 seconds. This indicates that the low tire pressure warning system is functioning properly." "If the light comes on while driving, adjust the tire pressure to the specified level...[see pressure spec chart in the door jamb]. After the tire pressure is adjusted, the light should go off after driving at about 30km/h (19mph) for some time. If the light still remains, have the low tire pressure warning system checked at your Toyota dealer." You did not indicate any trouble with the light coming on, but because I will not be checking this website again, here is a brief insight just in case: This system uses speed sensors to measure the rotating speed of the tires while driving. Theoretically, they all should match. The tires DO NOT have pressure sensors inside them like some other cars do, so the actual pressure is not measured or known. But you may be surprised as to how sensitive it is. If you have mismatched tire sizes on the car, the light will come on. There is a way to calibrate it using the button on the dash once everything is fixed, but that is a lengthy explanation. Hope this helps...

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